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Wraith are free undead infantry units and are the only troop to be effective in attack and defence. Wraith consume no food and require no resources when acquiring them. A player may maintain up to fifty of their own Wraith.


A player may raise three of their own Wraith per day from the Lost Souls Vessel in their Castle's Crypt, which are replenished daily.

The Basics of how the Wraith system works

1 Facebook friend playing the game = 1 wraith

1. You can raise only one wraith per friend. If you click on your own Crypt, and you click on a friend to get a wraith, then your friend cannot give you a wraith when he visits your castle until you have lost that wraith in battle.

2. You can have only one wraith raised per day per friend. If your friend visits your castle and gives you a wraith, even if you lose that wraith in battle, your friend can give you a new wraith only on the following day. Furthermore, once your friend has visited your castle, you cannot click on him in your Crypt.

3. You can raise only a certain number of wraiths per day. The maximum number you can raise per day is 3 plus the number of sarcophagi you have purchased (up to a maximum of 25 wraiths). If you own 22 sarcophagi (the maximum), you may raise a maximum of 25 wraiths per day, on condition that you have 25 friends. If you have less than 25 friends, even if you have 22 sarcophagi, you can still raise only 20 wraiths per day.

4. You can have a maximum of 50 wraiths total, unless you increase the maximum in the Obelisk of Power. If you have not reached the maximum, if you have less than 50 friends, you cannot raise 50 or more wraiths. Thus, if your friend comes to visit your castle, and your have reached the limits, he will not be able to raise a wraith.

It makes little sense to keep wraiths if your friends visit your castle. Each day, you should raise your wraiths when you login by clicking on friends that never visit you, and then lose them in battle that same day. If your friends do not visit your castle, you can keep your wraiths for more than a day.


When sent to defend another player's Castle, only two thousand Wraith will defend at one time. Loss of Wraiths during reinforcement are spread proportionally among the players that sent them.


There are no Lost Arts for Wraith, their statistics are set at one level throughout the game.

Avatar Cost Power Stats
Gold 0
Iron 0
Food 0
Sapphires 0
Carrying Capacity 40.0
Food Consumption 0.0 Food per hour
Speed 12.0 mph
Production Time 0
Offense 50
Infantry Defense 60
Cavalry Defense 60
Occult Defense 60
Bestiary Defense 60

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