Witch Doctor's Hut

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Witch Doctor's Hut

Buildin' the Witch Doctor's Hut lets ye trade in yer shiny Pearls for powerful Voodoo magic! With a few fetish dolls, incantations, n' other such devilry, the Witch Doctor can use these 'ere Pearls to grant yer Haven powerful advantages!

Witch Doctor's Hut
Unit Price
Cost Witch Doctor's Hut
Gold 50
Wood 50
Rum 50


In exchange for rare n' precious Pearls, the Witch Doctor will use his magic t' help ye customize the different attributes of your Haven and Units. To manage your Pearls and choose which trais ye wish to work his magic upon, ye must first build the Witch Doctor's Hut.

Pearls are the main ingredient needed for each one o' the Witch Doctor's spells~ makin' each one well worth its weight in gold! Ye will receive Pearls with every new Level o' Experience ye reach in the game. The number o' Pearls received with each level-up will increase as time goes by.

Levels 2-34 / 2 Pearls

Levels 35-64 / 4 Pearls

Levels 65-79 / 6 Pearls

Levels 80 + / 8 Pearls

Pearls must be EARNED, ye cheatin' scum! They can't be bought at the Smuggler's Den, given as gifts, or traded.

Applyin' Pearls

Place yer magic compass 'pon th' Witch Doctor's Hut to access th' Upgrade Tree. On the Tree you'll be seein' all production line units divided into Groups. To set about unlockin' different unit attributes and branches on the Upgrade Tree, ye must progress through each Group sequentially. To get started, use two Pearls to unlock Group I by clicking upon th' "Upgrade Group I" button twice. Ye'll be noticin' that applying each Pearl takes time ~ this time will increase with each additional Pearl you apply to a Unit. (A word o' advice: ye'd be wise not to try rushin' yer Witch Doctor ~ 'less ye fancy wakin' up half-chicken, half-octopus.)

Once ye unlock access to Group I, ye must upgrade each Unit's speed to level 8 before moving on to the next. (This will increase to Level 10 for Groups IV and V.) Once ye have upgraded all Units to Level 8, ye may unlock access to Group II. Now ye have a choice ~ start working yer way through th' next Group, reduce the production time o' Group I, or go back n' continue upgradin' th' speed o' yer unlocked units.

Redistributing Pearls

AVAST AND TAKE HEED, YE LILLY LIVERED CODFISH! Once you've applied your Pearls, you will get ONLY ONE CHANCE to remove them for free. To remove a Pearl, click the "edit" button at the top of the Medicine Tree, and then click the "-" symbol next to the Pearl you want to recover. When in Editing Mode, you may ONLY remove Pearls you have applied and put them back in your Pearl chest. When you have recovered the Pearls you want, click "Apply" to make your changes permanent. You may now redistribute your recovered Pearls as you would normally (this includes waiting as the Witch Doctor performs the complex rituals needed to apply each

After your one free edit, the Witch Doctor demands payment in Rubies for additional changes. His price will increase each time. Take your time and consider your strategy carefully!

Witch Doctor Skill Tree

Witch Doctor's Hut

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