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MARS Repair Vehicle -What it is, does and how to get yourself one! MARS Repair Vehicles are improvement items capable of automatically repairing all defensive Turrets and Artillery on your Base.

Mobile Autonomous Recovery and Salvage(MARS) vehicles are unarmed robotic systems capable of automatically conducting battlefield repairs on Automated Artillery and Gun Turrets under combat conditions. The more MARS units deployed around your base, the faster your Turrets and Artillery can return to active duty. MARS Vehicles to not consume resources and cannot be destroyed or damaged. Repairs will commence automatically each time you login to the game. Each MARS Repair Vehicles you install increases the rate of repair for all defensive emplacements in your Base by 5%. You may install a maximum of 5 MARS Repair Vehicles. To install a MARS Repair Vehicle: 1. Go to your Base. 2. Click "Construction". 3. Open the "Improvements" tab and select the MARS Vehicle. 4. Select an area within your Base and begin construction.