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Lost Arts enable access to new units, buildings and fortifications, as well as enhancing the performance of units. Buildings will improve production, units will gain strength and fortifications will enhance the castles integrity by adding to its defence bonus.


Discovery, or mastering a Lost Art, requires building the House of Scrolls, which enables the Scribe to decipher scrolls at the rate of one per day. After obtaining a complete a set of scrolls, the Lost Art is then mastered by using resources.


Lost arts can be upgraded using resources, each level reqires a higher value of resources, and takes a longer to master.


Units can be upgraded to a maximum of level 20. Each level takes more time and requires a higher value of resources.


Some buildings require a Lost Art before initial construction can commence, such as the Forge; these Lost Arts are complete at level 1. Futher upgrading can commence using resources only with out entering the Lost Arts window.


Like buildings, Lost Arts for fortifications, are complete at level 1. However, to enable further upgrading of fortifications, a higher level Lost Art must be obtained, up to a maximmum of level 4.