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Area of Influence

Controlled territory determines the global ranking of your Coalition. Territory is determined by the area of influence of each of the Pantheons your group holds. The area of influence for each pantheon is determined by three factors. First and foremost is the upgrade level of that respective Pantheon. The higher the level, the more influence the Pantheon can exert. However, the actual Area of Influence exerted is affected by the levels of the Pantheons around an individual Pantheon and whether your group controls them or not. Holding multiple linked Pantheons will increase each of the Pantheon's Areas of Influence. Likewise adjacent enemy Pantheons will lower the Area of Influence your Pantheons exert. The greater the disparity between adjacent Pantheons, the greater the impact the larger Pantheon will have. In fact if your level one Pantheon is located next to a level 5 Pantheon held by another Coalition, your Pantheon will be almost completely engulfed by the larger Pantheon's Area of Influence leaving your Pantheon to only exert a small amount.

Developing Pantheons

Once a Coalition has captured a Pantheon, its members must contribute their resources towards the Pantheon's development. The progress bar will display the Coalition’s collected contribution. Once the progress bar is full, the Pantheon will automatically upgrade to the next development level (up to a maximum of Level 5) and its Area of Influence will increase accordingly. If a Coalition's Pantheon is captured, it automatically loses 1 development level. If a Coalition successfully re-captures the Pantheon within 60 minutes after it has been captured by another Coalition, the Pantheon will not lose a further level.

Below is the chart of developmental costs for expanding your Pantheon:

Level Contribution Amount Total Resources for Upgrade
2 10,000x Timber, Bronze, Grain 1 Million
3 15,000x Timber, Bronze, Grain 1,5 Million
4 20,000x Timber, Bronze, Grain 2 Million
5 25,000x Timber, Bronze, Grain 2,5 Million


  • Coalition A holds a Level 4 Pantheon and Coalition B attacks and captures the Pantheon
  • The Pantheon downgrades to level 3.
  • If Coalition A succeeds in taking back their Pantheon within 60 minutes, the Pantheon will remain at Level 3.
  • If Coalition B does not succeed within 60 minutes, and manages to retake it at a later time, the Pantheon will lose another level down to level 2.

Upgrading Troops

Each Pantheon upgraded level will allow you to upgrade your troops to veterans as follow :

Level Type Offense Defense Cost/Troop
1 None None None Na
2 Light Infantry Swordsman, Hoplite, S. Pikeman Javelineer, Psilos, N. Archer 20
3 Heavy Infantry Myrmidon, Spartan Hoplite, G.S. Warrior Peltast, Cretan Archer 50
4 Phalanx Sarissophoros, Spartan Promachos Thurephoros, Trojan Thorakites 100
5 Cavalry Macedonian Cavalry, Agema Horseman, Carthaginian Horseman Scout, Mounted Peltast, Legate, Venator,Equite 200

Reminder: Cost can be reduced if your coalition have achievement Hammer of Hephaes. on lvl10 and if you have veterancy cost (in Academy) on maximum.

Your troops must be inside the Pantheon in order to be able to be upgraded. Heroes can't be upgraded.

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