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Operations Range

The extent of influence a Mining Complex has on the surrounding territory is determined by the Complex’s Operational Range. This is determined according to its development level and proximity to adjoining Mining Complexes controlled by the same Combine. Having two Complexes of identical levels can have different Operational Ranges. If a Mining Complex is positioned adjacent to one or more Complexes owned by the same Combine, its Operations Range will increase. It would be in your best interest to capture and control as many adjoining Mining Complexes as possible. The total exploitable territory controlled by your Combine will be the sole factor in determining your Combine’s position on the Combine Rankings and dominance on the Combine Map.

Developing Mining Complexes

Once a Combine has captured a Mining Complex, its Members must pool their Resources towards the Mining Complex’s next development level. The proress bar will display the Combine’s collected contribution. Once the progress bar is full, the Mining Complex will automatically upgrade ot the next development level (up to a maximum of Level 5) and its Operational Range and military performance will increase accordingly. If a Combine’s Mining Complex is captured, it automatically loses 1 development level. If a Combine successfully re-captures the Complex within 60 minutes after it has been captured by another Combine, it will retain its current Level.

Below is the chart of developmental costs for expanding your Mining Complex:

Resources Per Contribution (Fuel, Munitions, Rations)
Total Each Resources To Reach Next Level


  • Combine A holds a Level 4 Mining Complex and Combine B attacks and captures the Complex
  • The Mining Complex downgrades to a Level 3 Complex.
    • If Combine A succeeds in taking back their Complex within 60 minutes, the Mining Complex will remain at Level 3.
    • If Combine B does not succeed within 60 minutes, and manages to retake it at a later time, the Complex will revert back to Level 2.

You will receive regular updates on your Combine’s Mining Complexes in your tactical reports.

Transforming your troops into veterans troops

Each Mining complexe upgraded level will allow you to transform your troops into veterans troops as follow :

Mining Complexe level Type Offense Defense Funds Costs / Troop
Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4
Lvl 5
Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Combat Aviation
Rifleman, Recon Operator
Assault Infantry, Heavy Support Infantry
M167A2 Vindicator, Za'am MK VI
AH-24 Mohawk, AH-72 Thunderhead
Sapper, Light Sniper
Heavy Sniper, Mortar Infantry
M22043 Creighton, Mauler AFV
MZ-29 Firedrake, MQ-11B

NOTE:Your troops HAVE TO BE inside the Mining complex in order to be able to be transformed to Veteran status.
Mercenaries can't be transformed.

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