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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology allows you to coordinate and process the unit and intelligence data required to control your Forces, and keep track of your Enemies and Allies. A.I. unlocks construction of the Command Center.

Battle Formations

Battle Formations develops the doctrine and training necessary to assemble, position, and inspect your Troops. Researching Battle Formations also unlocks new Improvements for your Sector.


Implant Technology augments your Troopers with synaptic relays and bio-mimetic muscular enhancements. This grants them improved reflexes; increased strength, speed, agility, and resistance to fatigue. Researching implants unlocks the Barracks and basic infantry units.


Neurocybernetics research develops the biological command interface needed to remotely command the higher brain functions of your Regular and Elite Cyberdogs - and keeps them from eating anyone unless you tell them to. Research this technology to unlock both of these important defensive units.

Field Theory

Your Soldiers cannot vaporize the Enemy using the laws of physics unless you understand what that are. Research Unified Field Theory in order to build the Armory. The Armory develops the particle weapons used by your most powerful defensive infantry - Elite and Regular Gladiators. Construction of the Armory unlocks both units.


Bionics research builds on Neurocybernetics technology; combining it with cutting-edge adaptive genetic engineering to unlock your most-feared assault infantry: The Regular and Elite Valkyries. Valkyries are noted for not only their battlefield lethality, but for their habit of reprocessing enemy bodies to fuel their augmented metabolism.

Nuclear Power Cells

Nuclear Power Cells generate the power needed to take the fight to the battlefield. This technology unlocks the Military Factory, where its plutonium-thorium core enables production of the Regular and Elite Mongoose Light-Mechanized Assault Vehicle (LMASV).

Deuterium Generator

Deuterium Generators allow for production of high-capacity Nuclear Power Cells. Deuterium Dioxide moderates neutron emission - permitting the higher output required by the Viper Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). Researching this technology unlocks the Military Arsenal where both the Elite and Regular variants of the Viper are produced.

Macro-synced Servos

Macro-synced Servo technology is a fundamental component in the high-torque electric drive-train systems used in both the Elite and Regular models of the Light Scorpio Tanks - some of your fastest and most effective offensive armored systems. Research this technology to unlock both units.

Artillery Systems

Artillery Systems technology is the basis for the advanced ballistics fire control system on board the Regular and Elite Elephant Siege Tanks. Fielding the awe-inspiring Beowulf cannon, these are the final word in heavy assault fire-support. Completing this research unlocks both units.


Low-resistance, high-current superconducting electromagnetic coils accelerate tungsten-carbide projectiles to speeds exceeding escape velocity. The Regular and Elite Gauss Guns manufactured at the Artillery Factory are a decisive Force Multiplier.

Bose gas

Researching Bose Gas allows you to produce stable Bose-Einstein Condensates - all of the destructive power of million-degree high-energy plasma, none of the headaches of vaporizing your cannon every time you fire it! Research this technology to build the Regular and Elite Volcano Plasma Cannons.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics research allows you to manipulate your enemies particles on a sub-atomic level. Completing this research unlocks construction of the Artillery Center, where the technology to extend Quantum effects over distances is refined and fielded as the Regular and Elite variants of the Mark I 'Bertha' Quantum Cannon.

Hawking Radiation

Researching Hawking Radiation unlocks the Mark I Regular and Mark II Elite Disintegrators. Simply put, this weapon spontaneously spawns Micro Black Holes (MBHs) within and around your Enemy, converting their mass into black-spectrum thermal radiation...very painfully, very quickly.


Researching Antigravitation allows you to skirt the laws of aerodynamics and begin fielding airborne units. This research unlocks construction of the Air Field, where you can launch and control Elite and Regular Recon Drones.

Optic Camouflage

Unlock construction of the Admiralty by researching the complex visual algorithms and refractive holographic emitter arrays needed for your Interceptors' Optic Camouflage systems. With this technology, the Admiralty can train virtually undetectable Elite and General Phoenix Interceptor crews for medium-range stealth interdiction missions.

Ion Engine

Advances in vectored magnetoplasmadynamic thrust technology offer the speed and maneuverability needed to build Fighters. Research the Ion Engine to unleash these powerful offensive aircraft on your enemy.

Photon Engine

Powered by massive Deuterium fusion reactors, Photon Engines provide the massive amounts of thrust needed to maneuver Capital ships. Researching Photon Engines allows your Admiralty to construct Battlecruisers - the most destructive offensive air unit in the skies.

MetaOptic Cloaking

The development of electromagnetic metamaterials allows for man-portable, low-power consumption defensive armor. Research this technology to unlock the S.C.A.R. training complex and begin training your first units - the legendary S.C.A.R. "Shadow" Snipers.

Sub-C Shaped Charges

Researching Sub-Critical Shaped Charge Warheads unlocks training of Elite and Regular S.C.A.R. Heavy Gunners. When wielded by an experienced SCAR-HG, the SCSC round liquifies upon impacting enemy Armored units, where the intense heat and pressure melts a small hole through plating before achieving critical mass within the hull.

Proton Annihilation Bomb

This bomb is the S.C.A.R. weapon of choice for taking out Artillery. Combining magnetically contained Protons and Anti-Protons results in a catastrophic release of energy as they mutually annihilate, taking out the Artillery, their crew, and whatever hilltop they're positioned on.

Plasma Missiles

The Mk. II "Blindside" portable Plasma Surface-to-Air Missile system is the backbone of the S.C.A.R. Aerial Suppression Platoon (ASP) Fireteams. It's light weight allows teams to exit cover, target, launch, and relocate before the weapon even reaches its target - making them nearly impossible to find.

Electroactive Armor

Researching electroactive conjugated polymers allows you produce the synthetic "muscles" that drive the majority of the units produced at the Battalion Headquarters. This research unlocks the Headquarters, along with the Regular and Elite Nemesis units.

Combat Exoskeleton

The heavy combat exoskeleton supports the weapons and armor for the Regular and Elite piloted "Sammael" combat suits.

Zero-Point Energy

Researching Zero-Point energy allows you to harness base-line quantum energy effectively from nowhere - sufficient energy to meet the power requirements for both the main gun and high-speed drive systems of the Elite and Regular "Thunderbolt" field guns.

Singularity Reactor

The singularity reactor permits construction of the ultimate in deep-strike airborne armor support: the Regular and Elite Exterminator Fighters.