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Sending shipments of resources and sketches to other Havens

You are allowed to send out 6 trade shipments per day. You may only send two of those shipments to the same person per day. You can only give them a maximum of 50,000 resources for the week. However even after your 6 trade shipments for the day are finished you are still allowed to send two "Sketch Shipments" You can only send 2 sketches per day though. The time may vary for when you can send your 6 shipments again. The best way to know when your reset time for the day is when Captain Anne O'Malley gives you a new discovery sketch.

After all 6 of your trades have been used for the day the only way you will be able to trade or send resources to another player is by using the Market. But they will need to give you something in return. You can do up to a 1:2 ratio. As an example you can put up a trade where you are asking for 12,000 gold/wood/rum. The lowest amount of resources you can give in return for that gold is 6,000 gold/wood/rum or more.

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