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*'''Stormfall: Age of War Community''' on Facebook has many uses, trading scrolls is just one of them.
*'''Stormfall: Age of War Community''' on Facebook has many uses, trading scrolls is just one of them.
[[Category:SF Strategies and Tips]]
[[Category:SF Strategies and Tips]]

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Trading Scrolls in Stormfall is simple enough, however, tactical and logistic issues should be taken into c0nsideration.


A Lord's Scribe will decipher a Scroll every day, once a set is complete, Lords are then able to produce either: new troops, a new building or new fortifications, they may also be able upgrade fortifications too. It is also posssible to buy Scrolls with Saphires. Players can also agree to swap or just send Scrolls directly instead of trading. When there appear to be no options for gaining Scrolls from League members, allies or players in general, then offering doubles for trade on the Market becomes a priority. As soon as a set is complete and the Lost Art achieved, then upgrading of troops, buildings etc, only requires resources. However Fortification levels will require further Scrolls and Lost Arts.


After a few days and weeks of play, Stormfall players will need to reaccess their goals according to various conditions, such as what is on the market, and the needs of allies and League members.

  • Sets: Each set is a closed chapter and your Scribe will usually decipher new and different types of Scrolls once a set is complete.
  • Efficencey: Rapid trading at the right time and making the best use of your caravans may sound obvious but it is often overlooked by beginers and occaisionally forgotten by intermediate players too.


Never sell you Scrolls in the House of Scrolls - if you are going to sell them for what ever reason, you will get a better price selling directly to a player.. if you can trust him or her.

  • Wait: To be efficient, players should not trade doubles from a large set too early; i.e. where 12 Scrolls are needed and you have 5 or 6 but some are doubles, do not be tempted to satrt trading/swapping already. Gain at least 10 or 11 before considering trading, then if 2 or 3 are doubles you can easily trade at that point.
  • House of Scrolls: Do not use. Though it is possible to offer Scrolls via the House of Scrolls, it is far less efficent than the Market.
  • Market: The Market can be used to extend an offer for Scrolls, but this should be the last thing to consider after several other options have been exhausted.
    • <Friends>: Via the Market > Scrolls > Friends; Friends have speedier delivery times and of course these are the players that you don't mind gaining Scrolls for advancement. The Friends tab will allow you to see what friends need and have put on the market. If the Scroll you want is available just click on accept. Make sure you click on the fastest delivery time if there is more than one offer.
    • <All>: Market > Scrolls > All: Use as above, especially if there is a reasonable delivery time.
    • <Extend> an offer: Works the same as the House of Scrolls, but be aware this method can be slow if the caravan has to travel over a long distance.


  • Chat: If you have put Scrolls on offer, use your chat to let your League members know, if this is ineffective then anounce it in the general chat.
  • Advanced notice: Let players know that you are collecting a set and see if there will be mutual trading prior to putting them on the Market.
  • Trading down: When you find yourself gathering several sets at once (Scribes work on a section of Scrolls sometimes in a somewhat random order; i.e. a mixture of Fortifications, Troops, and resource enhancement buildings), offering the easier or quicker trade is sometines the best stratergy. Making a set quickly will mean that your caravans are not sitting idle for too long, and after one set of three is complete, then you will start recieving Scrolls from only two sets at once. Trading down again may be necessary too and will in turn bring you to another clsoed chapter.
  • Double tap: Though a slower process per se, sometimes it is neccessary to acqure a double in order to trade for the scroll you want, such as accepting an offe for one of your singles, then check to see if you are able to replace it from the market with another double. i.e, you need Scroll 1 anda player offers Scroll 2 which you only have one of, but you have a double of Scroll 3. Check to see if you can accept an offer for Scroll 2 for Scroll 3.
  • Cloning: Sometimes palyers are desperate for a set that you too are collecting. Keeping hold of a set but not completing it in to a Lost Art means the Scribe will send out more from that set and the doubles can then be sent on to a player.
  • Stormfall: Age of War Community on Facebook has many uses, trading scrolls is just one of them.

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