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Trading Resources in Stormfall is when Lords can improve their game a great deal by using the Market wisely.


Lords are allowed to send out 6 caravans loads per day and may only send two of those to the same person per day. Also, a Lord can only another player a maximum of 50,000 of Resources in one week. Once these avenues are exhausted and League members, Allies or friends need more resources, their only option is to use the Market. Offers are subject to anything between 1:2 or 2:1 ratios.


Resources used and traded wisely will assist depending on your aims at any given time.

  • Experience (XP): Building the Market gives 50 XP, Upragding it as a Task will give an extra 50 XP as well as troops.
  • Upgrades: Not only an improvement per se. Same as building, when done as a task, gives double XP and troops.
  • Capcity:
    • Caravans: Each caravan is limited to 400 of any resource so bare in mind that XP may become secondary to capacity and make more according to needs.
    • Thieves Guild: Improving each load by 10% per upgrade. Only Gives XP for the intital build. Here too one can gain XP, but no troops.
  • Loads: Accepting large offers maximises your total load capcity for that transaction, but bare in mind you may need to assist friends by accepting smaller loads where a single caravan or just a few, this will not maximise your own capacity when accepting an offer.
  • Speed: Traders' Inn: This is the main speed improvement that a player can 'control'. Upgrading will improve caravans speed by 2% per level. Experience points are gained too, but no troops.

To 'crank up' you trading chances consdier some or all of the folowing:

  • Chat: Announcing in League chat may help a Lord to get his goods sold faster. General chat can be used too.
    • Mail: Informing regular buyers what may be in a differnt time zones is a 'shot to nothing' at worse, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    • Loads: Offers of large loads make the best use of your frinds capacity but do not necessary speed up delivery. Smaller loads will reach a larger audience which could sell faster.

Stratergy will change accoding to how the game is devoping for each individual player and thier League, so focus will cahnge accordingly. Players will need to consider:

  • Aims: Maximise and take oppurtunities to upgrade trading buildings when needed.
  • Balance: Maintaining or feeding troops is one thing, but gold and iron are needed in greater amounts except for some upgrades and scrolls. If you have plenty of food or a larger amount of gold than iron or vice vesa, sell it and purchase more troops for farming or defending, upgrade resources, and or storage, as well as improving trading by upgrading buildings that are related to trade.
  • Storage: Use the market to store, or get greater value. Where one resource may be close to maximum storage capacity, or a tempting enemy raid. Offers that are not so good for buyers at 1:2 in the sellers favor may give extra temporary storage.
  • Ratios: 1:2 is good for the buyer but may be slow unless a league member is helping you, but sweetening the offer in favor of all buyers/players in general will, improve the chance of selling.
  • Overflow: Food can be maxed easily when raiding players in the initial stages of the game, and resources can be gained form battle grounds. Offering resources at greater than 1:1 will make them more tempting and possibly speed up the sales process, 2:1 should be irresistible to buyers.

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