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Trading is an important element of the game. To gain the best edge on your competition you must learn to trade quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there have been significant improvements made to the trading system since the games release.


  1. You can choose to view either all resource trades or only those with a favorable ration (1:1 or better)
  2. Listed trades are sorted in order of proximity to your base
  3. You can filter by the type of trade you are looking for and in what amounts you are looking to trade

This is a major overhaul of the trade system that should allow you to quickly find the most useful listings available without having to scroll through dozens of pages in the hopes of finding something.

Trade mechanics

Outside of the logistics center you can manually send a maximum of two Convoys to the same player in a day. That is two referrals or two resource loads with a maximum capacity of 24000 each (barring the addition of any equipment that increases the capacity).

Furthermore, you are limited to six total convoys in a day regardless of who you send them to.

Finally you are limited to an exchange of 50,000 resources per week with a player (in one direction). However, if the other player sends resources back (perhaps of a different type), that frees you to send more than the 50,000. You simply cannot have more than a 50,000 difference between your trades. Raided resources count against this limit. So if you were to raid someone for 50k, they could not also send you resource Convoys. Sorry folks you can't collect ransom on top of your raid take if you max it out with the raid.

The 50k limit is a soft max, the hard max is 100k in situations that would cause you to go over. The key point is that if you are at the 50k limit, the game will not allow you to send or receive (depending on which direction you have reached the limit) any more resources.

Referral Shuffling

You already know you can manually trade 2 referrals with a player outside the logistics exchange. You can of course scour the market for the referral you need, but what happens when you come up short?

Lets assume you are trying to discover Perimeter Security 3. You have #1, #2 and two #4's but no #3. You also don't see any listing for exchanging a #4 for a #3. You do however see a listing asking for a #4 and giving a #2. Your next step should be to check the listings for #2 and see if there is a #2 for an #3 exchange. If you do then you can chain your trades accepting both the #4 for #2 and the #2 for #3 listings. This will use up two convoys but when all is done, you will have all four referrals and can negotiate the contract with no spares left over. You can likewise trade one type for another type if necessary, but due diligence can see that you rarely if ever are stuck with a duplicate past negotiation.

If you do get stuck with a duplicate, then you have viable three options.

  1. Give it to a friend.
  2. Sell it via the Contractor's Office
  3. List it for a higher referral (You might get lucky).

Friends + Logistics Exchange Resource Dump

As always convoy travel time between friends is 24x faster than normal. If you have a close friend, you can easily trade all of your resources to them fairly quickly without running into the convoy limits listed above. The way to do this is to make a listing at a 1:2 ratio that no normal player would generally accept. You then have your friend (who will see the listing at the top of their list) accept the trade and wait till the trade completes. You can continue doing this as long as necessary, switching between resources until you have emptied your coffers. If you have max Convoys and your friend is a minute away, you can transfer resources at a rate of 12k every two minutes. This also doesn't necessarily have to be done as a last minute dump, you can use this method as a matter of course to save your real Convoys for instances that don't allow you to go through your friends.

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