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Trade is the Exchange of resources and articles with other players. The buildings in this section augment various aspects dealing with trade.

  • Port - The Port is your main trade building. Not only does it provide Galleys and thus capacity for trading but this allows you to negotiate trades with other players and track your galley usage both loaded and in transit. Upgrading this building provide you with more Galleys and thus higher resource capacity for trades. Articles are exchanged 1 for 1 and use 1 Galley per exchange.
  • Harbor - The Harbor's sole purpose is to increase the capacity of individual Galleys. The higher your level the more each Galley can carry. Thus the more Galleys you can field, the more upgrades to this building have an impact on your carry capacity.
  • Lighthouse - The Lighthouse is all about speed. The higher your Lighthouse the faster your galleys move. Note that this does not speed the galleys of another player. What that means is that when you make a trade you have to depend on the other player's Lighthouse level to determine how fast you receive your goods but your Lighthouse ensures you get your galleys back faster and can then use them again sooner that you would otherwise.

Additional Notes: Global Quests provide you with GPs. You can then buy additional capacity upgrades via the Market with those GP. Thus your total possible carry capacity is equal to: Base Carry Amount + (Base Carry Amount * Harbor Upgrade) + (Base Carry Amount * Market Upgrade) * Number of Galleys[Port Upgrades]

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