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Trade Advisor

CEJ33792XJ00003 Personnel Service Record
(Extract summary)

Full Name: TANAKHAN David

Date of Birth: 2000 NE

Date of Expiration: 2040 NE

Registration: 2040 NE Registered in Memory Project

Title: Imperial Guard Trade Advisor

Responsibility: inform you about your commercial activity


2000 NE - Born on board the space trade shuttle "Ark", 2000 NE Parents were small interstellar traders.

2012 NE - When TANAKHAN was 12, both parents were arrested on suspicion of insulting the Emperor and executed on the Planet Parabellum-7. Just before the incident, his father sent TANAKHAN on the "Ark" outwards of the Parabellum system.

2018 NE - After his parents' execution, TANAKHAN joined the "Pure Blood" sect, which denied the Emperor's heaven born title and treated him as a human being. At age 18, having decided to vanquish the Universe, he left the sect stealing the treasury of the "Pure blood".

TANAKHAN provided information concerning the sect functions at the closest Imperial Checkpoint in order to avoid being followed. Thus, taking his father's shuttle and a considerable sum of money, he chose the life of adventure, intergalactic trading, and smuggling.

2023 NE - At age 23, TANAKHAN arrived at Earth-Zero under the guise of the Imperial Morale Officer. He organized a meeting with the 6 most affluent industrial magnates, with the alleged purpose of discussing the destiny of the massive Emperor's statue located on the planet Imperion.

He managed to convince the businessmen that the upkeep expenses were not reasonable and convinced them that the ramshackle statue should be dismantled. It was decided to sell the monument for scrap via a closed private auction. David took bribes in private meetings with each of the magnates and thus secured for himself wealth and influence.

As a result, he made more than 20 million credits and disappeared from the planet. The buyer's surprise was difficult to overestimate when he arrived at Imperion with the intention of dismantling the statue which no officials knew anything about.

2033 NE - Having been prosecuted and found guilty, TANAKHAN had to live in disguise for over 10 years. During this period of time he founded a successful company, "Imperial Trade Ways", which earned him large profits, as well as enabling him the position to manage a military base in the Southern Sector. This provided him with the perfect cover to deal in counterfeit documents, which in turn kept his smuggling operations hidden from prying eyes.

2033 NE - TANAKHAN was caught by the authorities but he managed to exchange his freedom for a technology of the Firsts (some informant sources claimed it was the "Cocoon" technology). Moreover, Tanakhan gained the Emperor's ear, which resulted in his amnesty and appointment as the inaugural Imperial Trade Advisor.

2040 NE - The Emperor decided to take TANAKHAN’s personality scan within the framework of PROJECT MEMORY. The project’s aim was to collect the personality scans of the most remarkable Imperial representatives under one grouped Artificial Intelligence (AI). After the Grey Plague, this AI was improved and integrated into the Sectors.

2040 NE - The first experiment on personality scanning resulted in TANAKHAN’s SNC damage which led to a brain tumour and his death. TANAKHAN was buried on the Earth-Zero.




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