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The Bank is where you may purchase Drachmas. You may purchase via Credit Card, Mobile Accounts, and Facebook Gift Cards. Facebook Gift Cards may not be used to purchase specials. Access the Bank via the Icon at the upper right of the screen where your current Drachmas amount is listed. The game will also give you the option of going to the bank if you attempt to access premium features without the necessary Drachmas on hand.



As stated above you have several options to pay for your Drachmas. Regardless of how you decided to pay for the Drachmas all purchases are made through the bank screen listed above and are secure transactions. The higher the amount you purchase, the better your value will be. Indeed at high amounts you will be given extra Drachmas as a bonus. However, do take advantage of available discounts before making standard purchases as the discounts provide the best value.

Starting Discount

When you first start the game you will be presented with a discount on Drachmas that will stay in place until your first purchase of Drachmas.

Drachma Discount Game

Periodically, Plarium will offer discounts on Drachma Purchases. In the past this discount was a set amount across the board. Now however they have implemented a small mini game. You are shown three chests (or other "container") to pick from. Whichever chest you pick will open and the revealed discount is the discount you will have access to. Unlike the starting discount listed above, this discount has a time limit before it expires.

Drachma Offers

In the lower right corner of your screen you may find random Drachma offers. Some of these offers require you to simply watch an advertisement in exchange for Drachmas. Some require you to complete offers or answer questions via other companies (i.e. not Plarium). You will be awarded Drachmas in game on completion of the requirements.

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