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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Plarium regarding your use of our Site, Service, and Games.

Please read these Terms Of Service carefully before playing any of the games of Plarium:

Isolation Orders

If you receive an Isolation Order on your account, the Terms of Use were not adhered. Due to creating alternative accounts, harrasment, bots, resource selling, naming policy and/or any other malicious account activity.

Alt Accounts:

- The Plarium security system has determined your account to be an alternative one, that is, Plarium believes you to be operating within our game with 2 or more accounts. We remind you that in compliance with our Terms of Use

"By using Plarium's Service you agree NOT to have more than one account at any given time, and shall not create an account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself".

That banning or freezing of your account until proved otherwise is in agreement with your authorisation upon joining our gaming network.

Please do not contact Plarium Support for removing your current ban of your alternative account(s). Such requests will not be processed.

Plarium drafted these Terms of Use in the gaming environment considering the concept of justice for a game process. Therefore, Plarium actions shall not in any manner imply a breach of your proprietary or non-proprietary rights.

- If your real account is banned you should undergo the following procedure to officially verify it:

Plarium proposes that you confirm that your game account is not an alternative one within the meaning of the Terms of Use of the game (the options are listed herein, clause 2) at your own discretion, in any convenient way which shall not violate your constitutional rights. Upon completion of these actions Plarium shall perform the steps required for removing your account ban.

  • Submit a request to our Support team and choose the subject "I have been banned for alts".
  • Attach a photo of yourself with an identity document. Your Name and Surname should be distinctive and legible, and correspond to the name and surname of the social network account, the rest of your personal data may be hidden.
  • The photo should be against a background of our game. Please refer to this example.
  • The Plarium Support team will investigate your request in a timely and professional manner.

Harrassment Policy:

- This game is meant to be highly competitive. One result of this is that users often become highly emotionally invested in the gameplay. We ask that all users treat each other in a manner that keeps the game fun and safe, and hope that you will treat each other with a sense of sportsmanship and respect. Read the full Harrassment Policy

Bots, Resource Selling and Malicious Account Activity Policy:

- Many of you may have encountered instances of malicious account activity - including hacked, duplicate, or commercial accounts, resource sellers, third party software, etc. – at some time during your gameplay. Of all the feedback we’ve received from our player communities, complaints regarding malicious or alternate accounts take the lead as one of the primary concerns you have shared with us. As developers, this also ranks as one of our biggest issues, and Plarium wants you to know Plarium is taking it seriously. Read the full Bots, Resource Selling and Malicious Account Activity Policy

Naming Policy:

- The following are examples of Clan names that are NOT appropriate for the game. Some names that do not fall within one of the examples below may still be inappropriate. Plarium Support has final say over what constitutes a violation of the character naming policy.

  • Any name that contains obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, offensive, profane, anti-gay, content. Any name that includes ethnically, racially or sexually discriminatory content, threatens any real-world hostility toward any specific individual, nationality, race or religion, or promotes the use of controlled substances or other illegal activity.
  • Trademarked names of products, goods, materials or services
  • Names intended to impersonate other players for malicious purpose.
  • Names which impersonate in-game characters, Plarium employees, past or present, for the purpose of misleading other players
  • User's Names and Clan Names intended to impersonate other players and Clans for malicious purpose.
  • We include any symbolic or alphanumeric representation that clearly violates spirit of this policy, (example: J0hn$m17h1$4J3r|{, 1 D0|\|T |ik3 3$kim0s })

Names found to be in violation of this policy may result in warning, sanctions, or be subject to alteration without notice. If you are unsure as to whether a name is appropriate, please feel free to consult Plarium Support.

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