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Tech Nexus

The eggheads at R&D have done it again! Recent advances in nano-fabrication now allow Commanders to customize multiple aspects of your game-play including:

  • Individual unit speed modifications
  • Production time improvements for your units
  • Credit consumption reduction for all your units
  • Research time reduction
  • The ability to have up to an extra 20 Cyborgs (making the cap 70)
  • The ability to hold an extra Deposit (making the cap at 3)
  • The ability to reduce Antigen cost of mutating units by up to 50%
  • The ability to increase you Experience Points gained from battles by up to 20% Robot details grey2.jpg

The Tech Nexus allows your engineers to use Tech Nodes to augment your units. You will need to build the Tech Nexus to manage your Nodes and begin upgrading. You have the ability to modify your favorite units according to your personal mission-specific needs and preferred combat styles. This is how is all works:

Tech Nodes are interchangeable data components that allow you to upgrade your units. You will automatically receive Tech Nodes with every time that you reach a new level in the game. The number of Nodes received per level-up will increase over time as is shown in the table below.

You can also earn extra Tech Nodes by successively completing higher main mission Infestation sites. Tech Nodes can be bought at the Black Market using Protocrystals, however, they cannot be given as gifts, or traded.

Level Range Nodes Received
Levels 2–34 2 Nodes per level
Levels 35–64 4 Nodes per level
Levels 65–79 6 Nodes per level
Levels 80+ 8 Nodes per level

Applying Tech Nodes

Click the Tech Nexus to access the Node Tree. On the tree you will see all production-line TD units divided into Unit Sets. In order to unlock different unit attributes and branches of the Node Tree, you must progress through each Unit Set sequentially. To get started, use two of your Tech Nodes to unlock Unit Set 1 by clicking the “Upgrade Unit Set I” button twice. You’ll notice that applying each node takes time – this time will increase with each additional node you apply to a Unit.

Once you've unlocked access to Unit Set II, you must upgrade each unit’s speed to Augmentation Level 8 before moving on to the next. (This will increase to Level 10 for Unit Sets IV and V.) Once you have upgraded all Units to Level 8, you can unlock access to Unit Set II. Now you have a choice between working your way through the next Unit Set, reducing the production time of Unit Set I, or going back and continuing to upgrade the speed of your unlocked units. (Don’t worry Commanders - it’s a lot less complicated than it sounds.)

All unit upgrades have 1 of 2 pictures in the lower right corner of the node upgrade.

  • Sergeant badge = Unit speed modification
  • Wrench = Unit build time modification

Editing Tech Nodes

IF you put a node where you didn't want it. It's OK... You can take it back.

Once you've applied your Tech Nodes, you only get ONE chance to remove them for free. To remove a Tech Node, click the "Edit" button at the top of the Node Tree, and then click the "-" symbol next to the Node you want to recover. When in Editing Mode, you may ONLY remove Tech Nodes you have applied and put them back in your Node bank. When you have recovered the Nodes you want, click "Apply" to make your changes permanent. You may now redistribute your recovered Tech Nodes as you would normally (this includes the wait time while they are being installed).

   After your one free edit, removing Tech Nodes will cost Crystals – and the price will increase each time. 


Tech Node Tactics

Several commanders have seen the huge benefits of upgrading technologies within the tech nexus. What we are going to discuss here are the different strategies for upgrading the techs based on overall goals and play style.

*Speed is everything!!

These commanders want troops that get to their destinations quick. These are the easiest techs to upgrade since they are the first available techs commanders can upgrade. They are all aligned straight down the center of the tech tree.

What makes the biggest difference here is the base speed of the unit you wish to upgrade. Even though it sounds like it would be beneficial to upgrade your slowest troops to help them move a bit closer to the speeds of your faster units, it is not particularly wise to spend you precious tech nodes here. Use your tech nodes where you get the greatest benefit. It is highly recommended to use them on your fastest units. These are Exterminators, Nemesis, Fighters, Battle Cruisers, Thunderbolts, Light Tanks, and Valkyries. Some of these can even be boosted with the right artifacts activated in your Artifact Facility's matrix.

*Build time reduction rules!

These commanders want to get their troops built quicker without having to spend the crystals to boost them. There is the key. If you are a booster, these techs are NOT for you. Don't waste your nodes here unless you never boost. If you don't boost, this makes a big difference in the long run. Do not look for this to benefit you in the short term. It just doesn't shave enough time off to make your short attention spans satisfied (see boosting).

*Support techs FTW!!

These commanders are not worried about speed or build time reduction in the least. They want the benefits of reducing costs or gaining abilities to acquire more stuff. These commander LOVE stuff. The more stuff the better!

Here, commanders can reduce credit consumption costs, gain extra troops like cyborgs, gain the ability to hold a 3rd deposit of resources, reduce the cost of upgrading troops with antigen, or even reducing repair times and research times for Technology upgrades.

*I like a little of everything.

These commanders don't put all their eggs into one basket. They ponder over their choices before they make them. Everything is well planned out from which troops will get some speed boost to what support tech will benefit more. Those who do this well have some fine results in their upgraded techs. Those that don't will not benefit from any single tech much because they've not specialized enough.


That's the key. It is not worth it unless you specialize. This means you better go for it all or nothing at all. Once you've chosen your route of upgrades, do it 100% or you are wasting your nodes.

Commonly Asked Questions

We’ll now take a few minutes for some Q&A… Starting with you in the back!

I Question

- General, Sir… Will the customized statistics be aggregated with any benefits my Units are currently receiving from my Artifacts? A-Mutants?

- Yes. And yes. And both simultaneously… all benefits will be aggregate.

II Question

- General, how much does this feature cost to use?

- It’s FREE. If you make a mistake, that’s FREE too. If you make another mistake, then it’ll start costing Crystals. Keep changing your mind and the cost will continue to rise. As war-hardened paragons of self-discipline with steely-eyed attention to detail… this should not pose a problem.

III Question

- Can I use Tech Nodes on Fleet Battle Units(FBG)?

- No commander. There is no upgrade that directly effects the the FBG units. Though upgrading the credit consumption node will help with upkeep cost.

IV Question

- General, I heard a rumor that this feature will also allow me to further upgrade the attack/defense capabilities of my units – is there any truth to this? This is important to me because I value crushing my enemies with overwhelming firepower, sir.

- Nugatory, Commander. You may only boost your units Attack and Defense through upgrading the standard Technology Tree.

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