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Tech Advisor

QAV44796ZY03078 Personnel Service Record
(Extract summary)

Full Name: PIRR Ignatius

Date of Birth: 2019 NE

Date of Expiration: 2079 NE

Registration: 2056 NE Registered in PROJECT MEMORY

Title: Imperial Guard Technical Advisor

Responsibility: inform you about the status of current Research developments


2019 NE – PIRR was born on the largest of Neptune’s moons, Triton.

PIRR displayed an early aptitude for all of the Science disciplines, particularly mechanical and electrical engineering.

2036 NE - At age 17, he constructed his first space shuttle and used it to travel to the neighbouring Kuiper Belt. His achievements were noted in many scientific journals and enabled PIRR to be granted admission to the Tsigalko Institute on full scholarship.

2037 NE - At age 18, PIRR developed a dangerous nano-virus, putting the lives of fellow students and peers within the Tsigalko Institute at risk, even causing the deaths of some. PIRR neglected to inform the audience at the unveiling of the nano-virus that they should wear the Haz340N Hazardous Material suits as protection. The case was buried to allow the new virus to continue to be developed and to allow PIRR to serve as the primary technology advisor to the Imperial Family.

PIRR’s keen interests in geology, alongside biomechanics were manifested by huge developments and progression in the understanding of those sciences at the time. PIRR turned his attention to modelling an artificial biosphere to test his theories, with the ultimate goal of being able to turn planets which were once unsuitable for human life, into ones which could serve as a home for prosperous human habitation.

As necessity is often the mother of invention, so too was it true here. The problems he faced inspired the young scientist to delve into the study of geomagnetic and geophysical sciences. Through these developments, PIRR developed his first Geothermic Reactor, which when placed under a planet’s crust, was able to be used as a tool to shift the tectonic plates within a specified zone. This resulted in both extraordinary powers over a planet’s nature, and also as a powerful weapon against opposing forces if used in military operations.

The Imperial Family pushed PIRR to develop the Geothermic Reactor primarily as a human neutralizing weapon, and as a control weapon to be used against civilians of warring civilizations. PIRR refused this order, and as such was forcefully removed from the project. It was then that PIRR founded PROJECT MEMORY which would, if successful, allow personalities and memories to be saved, recorded and imprinted on humans.

2056 NE – PROJECT MEMORY proved extremely difficult to achieve at this time. After no firm progression in over 10 years, funding for PROJECT MEMORY was cut. The Imperial Dynastic Family deemed the project “too dangerous”, “too expensive” and even a “pointless waste of money”.

At the meeting with the Imperial Family’s Council, PIRR was distraught. In an effort to preserve funding to the project and offer some evidence that his technology was progressing, PIRR used PROJECT MEMORY technology to take a scan of his own personality profile.

The project worked, but it was not without its drawbacks. The subject of the scan, in this case PIRR himself, was reduced to the mental state of an infant. The personality scan taken from PIRR was saved and modified, and would form the basis for many technology advisors throughout the Galaxy through deep brain integration. As payment, and mostly to hide the after effects of the procedure PIRR was sent by the Imperial Family to live on his own secluded part of a nearby planet, complete with his own servants and an infinite pool of wealth.

2079 NE - PIRR died due to a deteriorating brain mass caused from his own testing with PROJECT MEMORY. Some accounts believed that he had transformed into a digital living being, but others stated that he was barely a human at the time of his death but instead resembled a man of almost 60 years older than he actually was. PIRR was buried with full honors at the Hall of Imperial Heroes.




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