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Targets are each dedicated to producing one of the three main types of Resources - Gold, Lumber and Rum, along with Rubies. There are three types of Targets: large, medium and small. The amount of Resources produced by the Target and its capacity depend on its size. The higher the Target's level is, the more Resources per hour it produces, and the bigger its capacity. As soon as a Target is depleted, it disappears and you have to look for new ones. The remaining time til a Target's depletion is displayed on the pop-up Map menu and at your Administrative buildings (Pirate Stronghold and Lighthouse). Every new Target is vacant and unguarded, so try and be the first to find it. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the Target by positioning the cursor over it.

Targets on the Map

To select a target position your cursor over a Target on the Map to view its info. You will be able to view the amount of Resources stored in Target, its status (whether the Target is vacant or captured), and choose from a set of possible Target actions (i.e. Scout, Capture, or Reinforce).

Gold Targets

Lumber Target

Rum Targets

Ruby Targets

Relic Targets


When traveling to or from a Target, your troops speed is increased by a factor of 24. Maximum traveling time to any Target on Map is 1 hour for all players.

Example: For Corsairs, who have a base speed of 120, the speed of travel is increased to 2880. If they are sent with Skirmishers, who have a base speed of 60, the force's speed is increased to 1440. This is due to the fundamental rule that an army can only march as fast as its slowest moving unit.

To offset this, many captains opt to send multiple forces with like speeds at different intervals.


To scout a Target, you can click the spyglass icon next the Target either through the Lighthouse or on the Map, then choose the number of Flying Dutchman you want to send for this mission and click «Send». Successful Scouting missions allow you to detect all Troops in a given Target - its owner's Troops and other players' Reinforcements. Purchase and position a large number of Flying Dutchman to protect your Target from being scouted.


Building the Whitmore & Co. allows you to capture 1 Target. Targets are located by using the Lighthouse, the range of the Lighthouse can be upgraded to allow you to see more Targets. To capture a Target, click the «Capture» tab, then choose number and kind of Troops you want to send for this mission and click «Send». If you succeed, your Troops will capture the Targer and you'll be able to view its info under the «Targets» tab in the Pirates Stronghold. Once you've captured the Target, it starts accumulating Resources. You can collect Resources from Targets once an hour. If you don't collect Resources for more than 12 hours, they stop accumulating. If a Target is captured, a player doesn't get any of its previous owner's Resources nor does the previous owner receive any of the uncollected resources. Instead the Target starts producing Resources again, but the total amount of Resources in the Target remains the same for all players. To maintain control of the target you captured, keep a large garrison of Defensive Troops there. Remember that you can still attack a Target captured by your Ally! Choose your Targets carefully and make wise decisions- sometimes short-term profit isn't worth losing a valuable Alliance over. If your Troops in the Target are defeated and an Enemy takes control of it, all surviving Reinforcements will return to their owners.


To send and receive Reinforcements, research «Order of Battle» Discovery and build the Pirate Stronghold. Then choose number and kind of Units you want and send them as Reinforcements to a Target. You can also reinforce your own Troops already stationed at your own Target. Sending Reinforcements to other Targets does not allow you to collect Resources from that Target. You can help your Friends control their Target, and they might help you in return. If you recall all Troops from your Target, other players' Reinforcements will also leave and return to their owners. If all Troops in your Target are destroyed, all surviving Reinforcements automatically return to their owners. To control your Reinforcements in other Target, go to the Pirate Stronghold, open the «Garrisons» tab and choose the «Target» filter.

Whitmore & Co.

You must build the Whitmore & Co. before you can capture Targets on Map. Once you've upgraded your Whitmore & Co. to level 6, you'll be able to control 2 Targets.

To build the Whitmore & Co., do the following:

  1. Go to your Haven.
  2. Click «Construction».
  3. Open the «Command» tab and choose the Whitmore & Co.
  4. Choose an area in the Sector and begin construction.


You need the Lighthouse in order to detect new Target around your Haven.
Lighthouse gives you info about:

  • New and vacant Targets around your Haven
  • Resources in a given Target
  • Target capture

Upgrade your Lighthouse to increase its range and detect more Targets.
To build Lighthouse, do the following:

  1. Go to your Haven.
  2. Click «Construction».
  3. Open the «Command» tab and choose Lighthouse.
  4. Choose an area in the Haven and begin construction.

Pirate Stronghold

To control Targets from the Pirate Stronghold, you have to first capture a Target on the Map. Once you have one, go to the Pirate Stronghold and open the «Targets» tab. It provides info about: - The amount of Resources stored in Target - Time left till the Target's depletion - The Targets storage capacity - How many Resources you can collect at the moment - Time left to next collection - Time left until the Targets storage is full - Number and type of Troops at a Targets - Your own Troops and other players' Reinforcements. Once you've captured a Target, it starts accumulating Resources. You can collect Resources once an hour. In 12 hours the Targets storage will be full, and from then on all extra Resources will disappear. To collect all Resources accumulated in a Target, press «Collect» (only if the button is active!). It takes some time before Resources from a Target are delivered to your Haven. Your Merchant will send you a delivery report. Click the red arrow and you'll see all your Troops at the Target as well as other players' Reinforcements. You can send Reinforcements to your Target or recall Troops from it. To control your Reinforcements in other players' Targets, open the «Garrisons» tab and choose the «Target». You'll be able to see all your Reinforcements in other players' Targets.

Advisors' reports

You can get information about you and your Allies’ Target in the Master at Arms and Envoy reports. The trade Advisor will inform you on Resource deliveries to your Haven.

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