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Tacical Weapons

Unit Type: Tactical Weapon

XM-7 "Peacemaker" Tactical Missile

XM-7 "Peacemaker" Unit Cost Battle Stats Unit stats Description
XM-7 "Peacemaker" Tactical Missile
Resources Costs
Fuel 0
Munitions 0
Rations 0
Diamonds 500
Combat Stat Value
Offense 12600
Infantry Defense N/A
Heavy Infantry Defense N/A
Armor Defense N/A
Combat Aviation Defense N/A
Raid Resource Capacity N/A
Maintenance Cost N/A
Speed Variable
Construction Time N/A

Tactical Weapon - XM-7 "Peacemaker" Tactical Missile

The XM-7 "Peacemaker" Tactical Missile is a single-use surface to surface offensive rocket capable of striking any Base in Zandia. The "Peacemaker" delivers damage at a one-to-one ratio to any unprotected units within a Base, and its integrated radar denial systems ensure that your target will not receive an incoming attack notification upon weapon launch.