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Fire Ball

Tactical Class units are a new class of units. Faster, stronger and one-time use, tactical units are the dream for those Captains who need action fast. With a 3 minute time to target, the new Tactical Units are going to put a hop in your peg-leg!

Beware the Fire Ship!


Here be a horror of a surprise for your enemies. The Fire Ship is a crewless demon of the night which you can set sail in the dark of night on the high tide to your enemies Haven to bring them a surprise for their breakfasts!

The Fire Ship never returns to port and can only be sent once, so plan carefully with its usage. Get to your Smuggler's Den to purchase this tactical class unit that is crewless and cannot be detected by your enemy’s zeppelins or scouts. Best of all, this little beaut travels on target in no less than 3 minutes, so she is perfect for returning a surprise to those foes that be pestering you!

Your Fire Ship will give you an impressive 1:1 damage point ratio against Units at any Haven, but may only be used once. You can use up to 10 Fire Ships per day with new attacks available after 2.2 hours if need be. 

Keep in mind, Captain, your Fire Ship cannot be used to attack Presidios, it can only be used once, is not a defensive unit and there are no variants available for upgrades! Oh, and once she sets sail, you cannot be cancelling her! 

Be seeing you at the Smuggler's Den!

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