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AAT – SCAR Anti Artillery Team

Air Rockets – SCAR ASP Fireteam

Ally – alliance

Alt – alternative account (illicit multiple accounts banned by game policy)

APC – Viper APC

Arty – artifact

ATM – deserted/dominated sector used for resource raiding


BC – Battlecruiser

Black Nemesis – Phantom

Black Hole Maker (BHM) – Disintegrator

Black Hole – large organized defense force (usually on a sector)

Bold – Trevor Tornado Winters (see: greatest military mind in history, avid golfer)

Bolt – ThunderBolt

Borg – Cyborg

Bug – game glitch or problem

Bug – Light Tank


C, Cr – Credits

Cap, Capping – invading a farm sector for purposes of claiming

CC – Combat Chassis

CC – credit card (usually in reference to a player being a CC player, player who buys crystals)

Ceptors – Interceptors

Crap Troops – any unit a player hasn’t learned to deploy effectively yet.


D, Def – defense

Def player – player who builds defensive troops and prefers a defensive gaming strategy.

Depo – Deposit

Devs – developers

Disi – Disintegrator

Doggie, dog – Cyberdog

Dreadnought – Battlecruiser


E.X.T. – Exterminator

Excal – “Excalibur” Platform


Fake raid/invade – 1 unit raid or invasion used to confuse and harass an enemy

Farm – deserted/dominated sector that's raided for resources

FBG – Fleet Battle Group Units

Fluffy – Cyberdog


Gatling for Armored Corps – SCAR Heavy Gunner

GG, Gauss – Gauss Gun

Glad – Gladiator

Goo – antigen

Goose – Mongoose

Grunt – Trooper


Hunter – Fighter


Int – Interceptor


Lame – fake raid

LASH(Long Arms Short Head) – Nightmare Scout

LRDT(Long Range Death to Troopers) – SCAR Snipers


Mole – someone who infiltrates a clan to gather intelligence


NAP – Non Aggression Pact

Newbie – player who is new to the game and do not know how to play

Nem – Nemesis

Night hunt – attacking others at night

NodeUp – upgrading the Tech Nodes associated with a military asset


O, Off – offense

Off player – player who builds offensive troops and prefers an offensive gaming strategy.


Pcan – Plasma Cannon

Pickett lines – group of invaded sectors usually surrounding the one who invaded them

Ping – sacrificial force sent at an emitter to be able to calculate what size force is at the emitter

Plasma – Bioplasma

Plombier – Nemesis


Quantie – Quantum Cannon


Raptors – Fighter

Reconnie – Recon Drone

Red dog – Combat Chassis

Red Valk – Nemesis

To ‘release the hounds’ – to send a massive and usually futile cyberdog attack


Sandwich Makers – Plasma Gun

Scorpion – Light Tank

Spy – someone who infiltrates a clan to gather intelligence

Spy – Recon Drone

Shield of War, Shield – Gladiator

Show of Force – real and fake raid/invasion sent to one target to show possible fire power

Sieger – Siege Tank

Snake APC – Viper APC

Space Platform Weapon – Excalibur Platform

Spam – a single trooper/cyberdog or gladiator raid


T – Trooper

T, Tit – Titanium

TD – Total Domination

TechUp – upgrading the technology associated with a military asset

Trap – troops sent to a sector/deposit to catch unsuspecting player’s offensive troops

Tbomb – Trooper bomb (attack with troopers first before launching real attack)


U, Ura – Uranium


Vaca – deserted/dominated sector that's raided for resources

Valk – Valkyrie


Wallet Warrior – player who buys crystals

Wormie, worm – Sand Worm


XP – Experience Points

Xstal – Crystals