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There are three main types of Resources in the game – Credits, Uranium and Titanium. You need them to construct buildings, research Technologies and produce Troops. You can build only 5 Uranium and Titanium Mines.

Usage and Acquisition

To gain more Resources, construct and upgrade Uranium and Titanium Mines and resource related buildings - such as the Breeder Reactor and Ore Refinery. The amount of Uranium and Titanium you can store is limited by your Warehouse capacity. Upgrade your Warehouse to store more Resources.

Credits are collected from your Sector's population living in your Vaults. Build and upgrade your Vaults and the Financial Corporation to increase the rate at which you collect Credits. The amount of Credits you can store in your Sector is limited by your Bank's capacity. Make sure you upgrade your Bank at the same rate at which you increase your Credit revenue or anything over your capacity will go to waste. (The same goes for your Warehouse).

You also need Credits to maintain your Troops. Every military unit in the game consumes its own set level of Credits per hour. If you run out of Credits, your Troops will be dismissed. You can exchange excess Resources or Credits at the Trade Gateway for Resources or Credits you're low on. Your Friends and Allies can also gift them to you - or you can steal them from other Sectors during Raids.

Resource Production Boosts Renewal

When your rivals are beating on your gate and the mutants are howling in the hills, the last thing you need to worry about is accounting and bookkeeping. We've streamlined Resource Boosts for you!

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From now on, you can choose to have your Resource Production Boosts be repurchased automatically as long as you have the Crystals for it. If you run out of Crystals, you will be notified and the Boost will not be reacquired.



Crystals give you extra advantages in the game. You can:

  • Get a 3-day boost to your Uranium, Titanium and Credit production by 25%
  • Boost the rate of your building construction, Technologies research, and Troop production.
  • They allow you to produce Elite Troops units.
  • Purchase Perimeter constructions, Improvements or Skins
  • Expand your Sector and Parade Ground
  • Purchase Echelon Points or Activators
  • Recover Units killed in battles in the Infirmary
  • Buy Teleporters for your Units or Boosts

Purchase additional Crystals at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You can get Crystals for free in lots of ways if you:

  • Complete the game tasks.
  • Level up.
  • Play the game 5 days in a row.
  • Take top Ranking positions.
  • Get Achievement rewards.
  • Conquer Crystal Deposit
  • Participate in the quests launched on our Official Community Page

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