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Listen up! Let's face it, getting your Units killed is a big hassle. There's a lot of time and expenses to replace them, letters to next of kin, grieving widows pestering you all day... it's just a mess, sometimes literally, when your Units bite the dust. But now, our R&D Department has a solution! The Hospital allows you to restore the Units you've lost while defending your Sector for FREE.

To revive your fallen Units for free, all you need to do is construct the Hospital in your Sector.

From here you may revive a certain percentage of your Units for free, or revive even more with the use of Crystals. The Level 1 Hospital will let you revive 5% of your Units for FREE.

Upgrading your Hospital will increase the number of Units you can restore by 1% with each upgrade Level.

   Remember: reviving Units is cheaper and quicker than training a new army!

The Hospital contains 2 interface tabs:

  • "Info" - Displays the Hospital's Upgrade Level and its information.
  • "Infirmary" - Displays number and type of Units you can revive, both for FREE and by using Crystals.

Only a certain percentage of your fallen Units will be displayed in the Hospital for revival.

With a Hospital up and running, you'll never have to sweat the small stuff (such as fallen troops) ever again!

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