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Global Tournaments are special missions that allow you to cooperate with your fellow Commanders to complete global objectives. Participation is optional; however, the outcome of each Global Tournament can alter the structure of the Wasteland, resulting in permanent changes to the game map, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

Global Tournaments

Participation in Global Tournaments requires Commanders to collect as many Tournament Points as possible by completing missions with various goals. The Tournament Points you've collected will then be transferred to STRATCOM's strategic reserves. All Global Tournaments are voluntary, and all contributing Commanders will be rewarded according to their overall contribution

All Commanders are divided into Leagues according to their respective Level: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, and Expert.

Even novice players who occupy top positions in their Leagues can receive large rewards - not just experienced players. The scale of your reward from Global Tournaments depends on which League you belong to when you engage in the mission. You and your fellow Commanders are divided into Leagues before each Global Tournament, and you will remain locked in that League bracket for its duration, even if you level up during the mission.

You can access Global Tournaments via the newly installed icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. Troops are already lining up to wreak havoc across the Wasteland so don’t waste a minute! Battle to take a top spot at the Rankings and get irresistible rewards!

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