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Good news for all Clans - new Clan Missions are available!

Clan Missions

Clan Missions are special operations that allow you to cooperate with your Clan members to complete global objectives. All Clan Missions are given at random, and each Clan will have 24 hours to complete them. Participation is optional, however each completed Clan Mission grants rewards to your Clan. Each Mission features multiple phases. Upon completion of each phase of a Mission, your Clan will be rewarded with increasingly larger Rewards. All Rewards received are stored at the Black Market, within the "Misc." tab.

The “Operation” window of a Mission has 2 tabs.

I The first tab contains:

  • The Clan Mission description
  • The time remaining
  • Mission progress
  • Your current reward, according to the number of Points earned

II The second tab displays the contribution of all Clan Members towards the completion of the Mission.

There are several types of Clan Missions:

1. Train Troops:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must hire Troops that are worth the indicated number of Power Points.

2. Purge Infestations:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must earn the indicated number of Points by attacking or defending regular Infestations. If your fellow Commanders engage Campaign Mission Infested Sites, the Points they earn will be added ONLY to their Ranking and won't help complete the Clan Mission.

3. Raid rival Sectors:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must gain the specified amount of Resources from Raids.

4. Complete Mercenary Operations:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must engage the required number of Mercenary Operations.

5. Kill enemy Troops:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must earn the required number of Points by destroying enemy Troops.

6. Downgrade Enemy Emitters:

to complete this Mission, a Clan must earn the indicated number of Points by downgrading Enemy Emitters.

Participate in Clan Missions, assert your dominance over your rivals and receive rewards! For further information, refer to the "Help" section!

The number of Points required to advance to higher-level reward tiers has been significantly decreased! This means bigger prizes are now easier to achieve! Remember that the Reward Packs include Resources, Units, Boosts and other Wasteland essentials, and that if your clan is successful, every Clan member will receive one!

But be advised: from now on, all Reward Packs for completing Clan Missions will be stored for 3 days only! Remember to claim your rewards at the Black Market under the “Misc.” tab and take advantage of the powerful bonuses while you can! If you’re too late, you’ll see the Reward Pack marked as expired, and you’ll have to click the “Remove” button to take it off your Black Market.

Clan Missions are integral if we want to come out on top in the war against Morgana. STRATCOM needs to see some serious teamwork out there in the Wasteland. Get out there, and make sure all your Clanmates are pulling their weight; we don’t want to see any Commanders slacking!

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