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Relics effect different attributes of your Units and Castle. Fight, claim, capture, and control Shrines to acquire new Relics. Build a Temple of War to store and use the Relics you find. Construct the Eagle's Nest and House of Lords to locate and capture different Shrines throughout the Map.


Relics can do several different things. Some offer Offensive bonuses, while others improve the Defensive attributes of various Units. Other Relics mainly improve the production performance characteristics for your entire Castle (resource production, Defense bonuses, etc.)

To use a Relic, place it into any open Activation slot on the Altar at your Temple of War. You have 6 Activation Slots in total, and can use no more than two Relics of the same category simultaneously. For example: 2 Offensive Relics, 2 Defensive, 2 Production.


Relics can be either Permanent or Temporary. Build a Temple of War to use either type. You can disengage and drag activated Permanent Relics back to Sanctuary at any time for later use, but Temporary Relics are consumable items and are active for a fixed period of time – once activated, they can't be moved back to the Sanctuary. If you exchange one Activated Temporary Relic for a new one, the old one will automatically be deleted.


Relics are categorized as either as either Sacred or Infernal based on their relative strength and stability. Sacred Relics possess small, but stable powers. Infernal Relics have both strong positive and negative effects.


The strength of a Relic's attributes is measured in proportion to its rarity (Common, Noble, Royal, Imperial, and Divine). The harder it is to find, the stronger its effect.

Relics claimed in Battles

Fighting with other Castles or Towns is one way to acquire new Relics. Your Grand Marshal will brief you following each Battle. If there is a blue highlighted exclamation point next to the report instead of the normal red one, it means you have claimed a new Relic!

Open the report and read the description of your prize in the top window. You have a chance to claim and Relic regardless of the outcome of an engagement. Remember: In order to keep your new Relic you must go to your Temple of War and either use it immediately or move it to your Sanctuary, or it will disappear in 48 hours. You can go there directly from your Grand Marshal's report.

The merchant’s guild has announced that they will be purchasing unused Relics at a reasonable price in Resources. You may now sell the Relics you do not intend to use to support your armies. If you choose to do so, visit your Temple of War and cast your eyes upon the Relics you have acquired - should there be any that have no use for yourself, you may sell them and receive Resources to help you keep fighting in the name of Weor!

Offensive Relics

Picture Name Level Unit Type Duration Effect
Drops of Anger.png Drops of Anger 24 Infantry 14 Days Attack: +4%
Blind Wrath.png Blind Wrath 18 Infantry Permanent Attack: +2.5%
Water of Vigor.png Water of Vigor 28 Infantry 14 Days Attack: +7,5%
Movement speed: -10%
Barbarian Helm.png Barbarian Helm 18 Infantry Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Capacity: -10%
Veyon's Mace.png Veyon's Mace 24 Infantry 7 Days Attack: +10%
Production time: +5%
Berserker's Mask.png Berserker's Mask 24 Infantry Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Defense: -7,5%
Elven Spear.png Elven Spear 8 Pikeman Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Halberd of Pain.png Halberd of Pain 18 Pikeman 3 days Attack: +10%
Eir's Tears.png Eir's Tears 20 Pikeman 7 days Movement speed: +25%
Capacity: -10%
Bran's Anvil.png Bran's Anvil 22 Pikeman 7 days Production time: -5%
Production cost: +10%
Horn of Veyon's Shield.png Horn of Veyon's Shield 22 Pikeman 7 days Attack: +10%
Production time: +5%
Philter of Strength.png Philter of Strength 24 Paladin 7 days Capacity: +10%
Order of the Iron Star.png Order of the Iron Star 26 Paladin Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Weor's Banner.png Weor's Banner 28 Paladin 7 days Attack: +10%
Capacity: -15%
Aquila Aurea.png Aquila Aurea 30 Paladin Permanent Movement speed: +25%
Standard of Ran.png Standard of Ran 26 Knight 7 days Attack: +7,5%
Movement speed: -25%
Eldur's Flame.png Eldur's Flame 28 Knight 7 days Attack: +10%
Movement speed: -20%
Imperial Barding.png Imperial Barding 32 Knight Permanent Capacity: +25%
Movement speed: -25%
Elixir of HasteSF.png Elixir of Haste 34 Great Lord Permanent Movement speed: +15%
Seven-league Boots.png Seven-league Boots 36 Great Lord 7 days Movement speed: +25%
Telhald Wine.png Telhald Wine 37 Great Lord 7 days Attack: +7,5%
Capacity: -10%
Battle Mask.png Battle Mask 38 Great Lord 7 days Attack: +10%
Capacity: -10%
Nephillim Wing.png Nephillim Wing 40 Warlock 7 days Attack: -10%
Movement speed: +25%
Auger.png Auger 41 Warlock 7 days Attack: +7,5%
Movement speed: -25%
Scythe of the Dead.png Scythe of the Dead 44 Necromancer 14 days Production cost: +7%
Production time: -5%
Storm Tamer.png Storm Tamer 55 Wyvern Permanent Movement speed: +25%
Wrath of Bran.png Wrath of Bran 30 Arbalester 7 days Attack: +100%
Dwarven Helm.png Dwarven Helm 30 Bear Rider Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Barkshire Mead.png Barkshire Mead 30 Bear Rider 7 days Attack: +100%
Ulrich's Blade.png Ulrich's Blade 30 Pathfinder Permanent Attack: +100%
Rune of Might.png Rune of Might 32 Pathfinder 7 days Defense: +7,5%
Eye of Lovar.png Eye of Lovar 32 Huntress Permanent Movement speed: +25%
Mark of Bran.png Mark of Bran 32 Huntress 7 days Production cost: -5%
Wings of Bran.png Wings of Bran 32 Reaver Permanent Movement speed: +25%
Blood of Night.png Blood of Night 38 Reaver 7 days Movement speed: +25%
Bella Morte.png Bella Morte 38 Pathfinder Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Orcish Arrows.png Orcish Arrows 38 Reaver 7 days Attack: +100%
Bag of Holding.png Bag of Holding 38 Reaver Permanent Capacity: +50%
War Levy.png War Levy 40 Reaver 7 days Production cost: -6%
Wings of Depredation.png Wings of Depredation 40 Reaver Permanent Capacity: +100%
Pendant of Summoning.png Pendant of Summoning 55 Reaver 7 days Production cost: -8%
Chimera's Talon.png Chimera's Talon 55 Reaver 14 days Attack: +7,5%

Defensive Relics

Picture Name Level Unit Type Duration Effect
Talisman.png Talisman 18 Infantry 14 days Defense: +6%
Pauldron of Divinity.png Pauldron of Divinity 20 Permanent Infantry Defense: +2,5%
Hobnail Boots.png Hobnail Boots 22 Infantry 7 days Defense: +12%
Movement speed: -25%
Wyvern's Eye.png Wyvern's Eye 26 Infantry 14 days Defense: +12%
Production cost: +5%
Banded Armor.png Banded Armor 30 Infantry Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Runic Familiar.png Runic Familiar 16 Archer 14 days Defense: +12%
Elven Mail.png Elven Mail 18 Archer Permanent Defense: +4%
Arbalester's Ensign.png Arbalester's Ensign 20 Archer 14 days Defense: +12%
Movement speed: -25%
Maronian Gauntlets.png Maronian Gauntlets 24 Archer Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Attack: -10%
Beard Gorget.png Beard Gorget 24 Dwarf 14 days Defense: +7,5%
Cyning Shield.png Cyning Shield 26 Dwarf Permanent Defense: +5%
Dwarven Brew.png Dwarven Brew 28 Dwarf 7 days Defense: +12%
Production time: +5%
Drinking Horn.png Drinking Horn 30 Dwarf Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Attack: -7,5%
Spurs of Khadar.png Spurs of Khadar 32 Cavalry 7 days Defense: +12%
Great Shield.png Great Shield 34 Cavalry 14 days Defense: +12%
Movement speed: -25%
Danna's Vengeance.png Danna's Vengeance 32 Nomad 14 days Defense: +10%
Bearskin.png Bearskin 34 Nomad 7 days Defense: +12%
Movement speed: -25%
Full Plate.png Full Plate 36 Nomad Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Capacity: -30%
Ran's Spur.png Ran's Spur 36 Barbarian 7 days Defense: +12%
Thuvia's Footprints.png Thuvia's Footprints 37 Barbarian Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Attack: -7,5%
Mara's Sorrow.png Mara's Sorrow 38 Golem 14 days Defense: +7,5%
Great Seal.png Great Seal 39 Golem Permanent Defense: +5%
Attack: -5%
Lesser Ifrit.png Lesser Ifrit 42 Golem Permanent Defense: +5%
Mask of Stolen Faces.png Mask of Stolen Faces 18 Silent One 14 days Intelligence Defense: +8%
Baleful Eye.png Baleful Eye 20 Silent One Permanent Intelligence Defense: +4%
Wings of Steel.png Wings of Steel 50 Griffin Permanent Defense: +5%
Attack: -5%
Sword of the Great Houses.png Sword of the Great Houses 30 Arbalester Permanent Production cost: -5%
Dragonscale Armor.png Dragonscale Armor 30 Arbalester Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Plated Armor.png Plated Armor 30 Bear Rider 14 days Defense: +12%
Farrier's Fortune.png Farrier's Fortune 30 Bear Rider 14 days Production cost: -10%
Stonewater.png Stonewater 32 Warden 14 days Defense: +7,5%
Stone of Might.png Stone of Might 32 Warden 14 days Defense: +7,5%
Oskardian Fire.png Oskardian Fire 32 Ballista 14 days Defense: +12%
Troll Skull.png Troll Skull 32 Ballista 14 days Defense: +7,5%
Orb of Industry.png Orb of Industry 38 Pathfinder 7 days Production cost: -5%
Lovar's Jest.png Lovar's Jest 38 Pathfinder Permanent Attack: +7,5%
Chalk of Fate.png Chalk of Fate 32 Huntress 14 days Defense: +12%
Cloak of the Hunt.png Cloak of the Hunt 38 Huntress Permanent Defense: +7,5%
Cauldron of Plenty.png Cauldron of Plenty 40 Reaver 14 days Production time: -6%
Light of Dana.png Light of Dana 40 Reaver 14 days Production cost: -6%
Alchemical Retort.png Alchemical Retort 55 Chimera 14 days Production cost: -8%
Production time: +5%
Poisoned Claw.png Poisoned Claw 55 Chimera Permanent Attack: +7,5%

Production Relics

Picture Name Level Resource or Technology Duration Effect
Bran's Tongs.png Bran's Tongs 18 Iron 3 days Production: +10%
Bran's Caldron.png Bran's Caldron 24 Iron 7 days Production: +5%
Cap of Fortune.png Cap of Fortune 18 Gold 3 days Production: +10%
Strongarm's Pick.png Strongarm's Pick 24 Gold 7 days Production: +5%
Cleaver of Bounty.png Cleaver of Bounty 18 Food Permanent Consumption: -5%
Hildr's Spice of Longevity.png Hildr's Spice of Longevity 20 Food Permanent Consumption: -9%
Magic Beans.png Magic Beans 24 Food Permanent Consumption: -12%
Lovar's Blessing.png Lovar's Blessing 28 Food Permanent Consumption: -15%
Lost Sabre of Al-Kahzel.png Lost Sabre of Al-Kahzel 32 Horsemanship 7 days Production time: -5%
Growth potion.png Growth potion 40 Council of Mages 7 days Production time: -5%
Tome of the Ancients.png Tome of the Ancients 50 Bestiary 7 days Production time: -5%
Darin's Compendium.png Darin's Compendium 20 Lost Arts 7 days Research time: -10%
Iron Maiden.png Iron Maiden 24 Lost Arts 14 days Research time: -10%
Eldritch Light.png Eldritch Light 26 Castle defense 7 days Castle defense: +2000
Mara's Net of Protection.png Mara's Net of Protection 28 Castle defense 14 days Castle defense: +3000

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