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New "Start a Battle" Feature! Oversee All Your Battles From One Place!

New "Start a Battle" Feature

I know well that reigning is not easy, even for those as honorable as yourselves. Your ambitions are high, your responsibilities are many, and your subjects expect much of you. I’ve commissioned our finest mages and scribes to create a more efficient way for you to manage your lordly duties – the “Start a Battle” window.

From now on, all quests and missions requiring battlefield action shall be assembled together in one place! Click the new "Start a Battle!" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen to be taken to the new interface!

From the "Quests and Challenges" tab, you will be able to manage your battles more effectively and keep track of all ongoing and available quests, including PvP, Battlegrounds and Global Quests!

You will also be able to keep a watchful eye on all your foes with the "Enemies" tab. Use this feature exact vengeance on those that have slighted you, or to intimidate your rivals with powerful offensives. Remember, only vigilant Lords and Ladies will be able to conquer Darkshine!

May Eir guide your swords!

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