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Sign the Agreement with Delphi and build the Stables to begin purchasing Scouts and start performing Spying Misisons.

Dispatch Scouts to other player's Cities to gather information. Spying missions allow you to gather information about the number and type of Units in other Cities and Colonies and their current resource Levels.

Read your reports to view the outcome of your Spying Mission and Review any collected data.

To perform a Successful Mission, your Scouts must defeat any enemy Scouts currently defending the location. The more Scouts you send, the higher the chances of the mission being successful.

A Spying Mission can be performed in 3 ways:

From the Map:

  1. Click «Map» in your City.
  2. Hover the mouse over the City you want to spy on.
  3. Choose «Dispatch Scouts» on the City menu.
Dispatch Scouts from Map

From inside the enemy's City:

  1. Go visit the City of the player you want to spy on.
  2. Choose «Dispatch Scouts» on «Actions» menu.
Dispatch Scouts from City

From the War Council:

  1. Go to your War Council.
  2. Open «Contacts» tab.
  3. Choose «Dispatch Scouts» in the action list.
  4. Click «Dispatch Scouts».
Dispatch Scouts from War Council

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