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Nearly every timed event in the game can be completed instantly using Drachmas. Before you go crazy spending all your hard earned Drachmas boosting everything around, understand that most boosts are quite expensive in relation to the advantage it gives you. However, there are quite a few circumstances where boosting an event may be advisable even if you are tight on your Drachmas.

Maps of Hidden Paths

Hidden Map

Shock and surprise are arts of war that must be mastered if you wish to defeat your enemies in Hellas. All Archons will be able to purchase Maps of Hidden Paths directly from the Market.

These maps have been passed down for generations, and will provide Archons with shorter, secret routes to their destinations.

Visit your Market, open the "Misc." tab and choose the Map of Hidden Paths that suits your needs. There are two types of Maps of Hidden Paths:

   One will decrease your Units' movement time by 25% (400 Drachmas).
   One will decrease your Units' movement time by 50% (700 Drachmas.

Remember, Archons, Maps of Hidden Paths are extremely powerful items when used correctly. Do note that the maps are applied one after the other NOT all at once. This means that two Maps of Hidden Paths that reduce your movement speed by 50% cannot be used to gain a 100% reduction in time to target. Instead, The first Map of Hidden Paths will cut the travel time in half, and the second time will decrease the remaining travel time by a further 50%. That said. Six consecutively applied 50% Maps would reduce a 24 hour attack (the maximum time to target) to under 30 minutes. Further six consecutively applied 50% Maps would reduced a 30 minute attack time down to under 30 seconds. This means that while you cannot hit your target instantly, you could apply 12 maps to hit anyone anywhere with your entire force in a matter of seconds. Return time will of course take the normal amount of time unless you choose to apply the instant return boost described below.

Attack your enemy when he is unprepared, Archons – and appear where you are not expected!

Unit Boost Options

Boosts (Item)

Timed Boost

Be aware that new items, Boosts, are now available for purchase from the "Misc." tab at the Market. Boosts are powerful bonus items that allow you to decrease your building construction or unit training time.

The duration of a Boost's effects differs depending on the Boost itself, and can range from 1 minute up to a full day.

Use Boosts and gain the upper hand on your rivals!

Note: these boosts are for the specified time period rather than the full time period as opposed to the non-item Unit and Building boosts which complete their respective target instantly for a cost that varies with time to completion. Archons should ensure that they compare the cost per minute for using boost items vs instant completion to ensure they are getting the best value. In most cases, instant completion will be cheaper per minute. However, timed boosts allow you to spend less Drachmas to boost only a portion of the time to completion. Further, there may be situations where the timed boosts are cheaper. It is up to the individual Archon to do their own comparisons and make their decisions as to which is the best option for them.

Boost Amount Cost Drachmas per Minute
1 Minute 7 Drachmas 7
3 Minutes 20 Drachmas 6.67
5 Minutes 30 Drachmas 6
10 Minutes 45 Drachmas 4.5
15 Minutes 55 Drachmas 3.67
30 Minutes 90 Drachmas 3
1 Hour 110 Drachmas 1.83
4 Hours 250 Drachmas 1.04
8 Hours 440 Drachmas 0.92
12 Horus 660 Drachmas 0.92
1 day 1320 Drachmas 0.92
4 days 5000 Drachmas
7 days 8500 Drachmas
14 days 16500 Drachmas

This table demonstrates that if you are going to purchase Timed Boosts, your best value is either the 8, 12, or 24 hour boost which cost less than one Drachma per minute.

Construction Boost Options

Recall Boost

Once your target has reached it's destination you can, anytime after that, instantly return them home. This goes for all combat missions and trades. You boost combat units in the War Council and Galleys inside the Port. You may chose to do this so you can send the next attack/trade out quicker but the biggest use of this is to pull your troops home early to put them in the Acropolis in the event someone decides to send an attack following your troops on their return trip. You don't need to spend large amounts of Drachmas to make use of this. Instead just wait until the last minute or two and then pull them home. It only takes seconds to put them in the Acropolis after they have been returned.


Building Boost

You may speed up the construction or upgrade of any building. This is especially useful if you need to instantly build up your acropolis against an incoming raid or if you are the Hegemon and wish to build up your storage capacity as quickly as possible for Coalition Upgrades.

Building Boost

Agreement Boost

Much like with buildings, you can instantly speed up the production of any Agreement. This can quickly give you access to a new unit that you just unlocked.

Agreement Boost

Unit Boost

After queuing up the training of numerous units, you have the option of instantly completing their training. Be advised that this tends to be quite expensive, though it is certainly cheaper than buying the units outright via the Market. Unit boost can be triggered either in the training screen or from your city display (green arrows over the unit building). You also have the option to either boost the current set of units or all units being produced by the building.

Unit Boost

Quest Boost

You may optionally complete your Divine Quests instantly.

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