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Special Ops

Special Ops

Special Ops is a set of random daily tasks in which the user can complete with zero liability or risk. The missions are randomly generated with class levels from 1 through 5. The higher the class, the greater the reward... Players can access the Special Ops menu from the task list on the left side of the base view when viewing their own Base. This is not available from the map or when visiting another player's Base.

Special Ops Task Icon

The Special Ops Icon

Note: The number indicated on the Icon is the number of daily Operations remaining in which the player may complete before reset.

Mission Communications

From John Black




RE: Daily Special Operations


We’ve been receiving reports of an unnamed Sharpe & Meyers operative offering varying contracts for unsanctioned Special Operations against their rivals and competitors.

Our operatives report that these offers include tasks for both unaffiliated contractors and Combine Associates on a daily basis – and may require anything from sabotage and assassination to “false flag” ops and misinformation campaigns. These offers also do not require the expenditure of combat units, and offer GUARANTEED PAYMENT upon acceptance. Remember to claim your rewards for completed Special Operations in order to receive new ones.

However tempting these offers may appear, the Syndicate management reminds you that our official position is one of neutrality and impartiality, and that any implied knowledge or sanction of your participation would be detrimental to our Zandian client relations.

Therefore, we must officially not recommend or dissuade you from ACCEPTING any special operations that will appear daily in the CONVENIENTLY HIGHLIGHTED ICON on your main screen. We must also make no recommendations as to how to react to an outside operative named Kim Lee who approaches you offering FREE PAYOUTS for effectively doing NO WORK.

If we were to hear of any such actions, we would of course officially condemn those involved and disavow any knowledge of their actions.

We appreciate your cooperation.


PS. *cough*dothesemissions*cough*


From Kim Lee

OK, hotshot, I'll make this simple. My name is Kim Lee. I work with a mutual friend who gets paid a lot of money to make sure that when Sharpe & Meyers has a problem, that problem goes away. Here's the deal: I come to you with random little odd jobs each day. You do these well, and I'll make it worth your while. If your Syndicate bosses or any rival PMCs find out... let's just say our working relationship will end badly.

I'll be in touch...


Operations come in two forms: Individual and Combine. There is no fundamental difference between the two. While only one Operation can be done at a time of the same kind, you can have two concurrent Operations if you select one from each category.

Individual Operations

Individual Operations come in 5 classes, with the higher classes rewarding much higher, and taking longer than lower ones. Every Operation rewards 92 Experience Points plus reward resources.

Combine Operations

Combine Operations also come in 5 classes, with the higher classes rewarding much higher, and taking longer than lower ones. Every Operation rewards 92 Experience Points plus reward resources. Combine Operations tend to focus on tasks involving combines, whether it involves a rival Combine or your own.

Operation Types

There are 10 types of Operations:

  • Assault
  • Convoy
  • Save
  • Assassination
  • Sabotage
  • Espionage
  • Information warfare
  • Salvage
  • Black market
  • Abduction

Operations Refresher


This Item allows you to get new Special Ops.

If you have completed all of your Special Ops, just use this Item to get a fresh set of new ones.

You can get these Items at the Black Market (Go to the "Special" section of the “Misc” tab).




Special Ops Instructions

To Begin, simply click on the Task from the Task List on the left hand side of your Base view.

Select a task from the list, and click the Accept button to begin. Make note of the time to complete. If time is short, focus on completing the higher missions first.

Step 1

As the timer counts down towards completion, the rest of the Operations of the current type will become unavailable until the current Operation completes. A player may boost the process for instant completion with diamonds if desired.

Step 2

Once the Operation as completed, you will be notified with a check-mark on the Task Icon. Revisit the Special Ops window and click the blue Collect button to collect your reward.

Step 3


Rewards increase as the Operation Class increases. Rewards will always include 92 experience points and approximately one of the following:

Special Ops Class Rewards
Class Exp Ration Munition Fuel
1 92 76 76 76
2 92 241 241 241
3 92 884 884 884
4 92 3,430 3,430 3,430
5 92 10,608 10,608 10,608

Note: Some rewards may vary by a few resources in either direction. This anomaly sometimes occurs in Class 1 or 2 Operations.


Class 1

Class 1 Example

Class 2

Class 2 Example

Class 3

Class 3 Example

Class 4

Class 4 Example

Class 5

Class 5 Example

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