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The new Vampire King, Delthinas Veramme, has not forgotten his debt of honor! He has sent forth a terrible host of Vampire warriors to battle at our side, and the Children of Lovar - abandoned by their father long ago - have returned. Sheltered by the Goddess Mara, they have been granted Maranian Amulets to permit them to walk in daylight, and have gained augmented strength by her divine blessing.

  • You can only earn Soulstones by participating in a Tournament.
  • You cannot purchase Soulstones using Iron, Gold, Food or Sapphires.
  • You cannot exchange them or send them as a gift to other players. Other players can't raid Soulstones from your Castle.

You are able to use Soulstones to:

  • Purchase unique Scrolls, which are required to train Vampire Units
  • Increase your caravan's capacity
  • Buy extra Skull Runes
  • Enhance the amount of Contacts within your Keep
  • Acquire +10% Defense & Offense Enhancers
  • Purchase Paragon Daily Quest Refreshers
  • Buy Auto Unit Hiders.
  • And various other items.

Once you've amassed enough Soulstones, go to the Black Market, open the "Soulstones" tab and select the item you wish to purchase.

It is only desperation that has driven us to this end, and I pray that my lords will not make me look back upon this day with shame and horror. Control your new dark allies well.

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