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Wrath of Weor

Our learned folk from deep within Stormfall darkest halls have discovered new and powerful sorcery for you to unleash. These are called Sorcery Spells and provide you with an entirely new class of weapon to submit on your unwitting enemies.

The first discovery unveiled is the Wrath of Weor. A massive Fire-Ball that will engulf to lucky recipient in molten hot fire and vapour worthy of the greatest Western-Dragon!

Invoke a Sorcery Spell with the Wrath of Weor!


  • Time to arrive on its unsuspecting victim is 3 minutes
  • Offensive capability is rated at a one-to-one damage point ratio against deployed combat units at enemy Castles. (See unit description for damage.)
  • Your enemies have no way of detecting its arrival
  • It does not desert if you run out of food


  • It’s a single use weapon
  • The Wrath of Weor cannot be deployed against Beacons
  • You can only invoke 10 acts per day
  • A new allowance is arrived every 2.2 hours for further usage after 10 attacks.
  • Not applicable as a defensive unit
  • At this time, no Imperial or Dark Units are available
  • There is no cancellation of attack once The Wrath of Weor has been launched
  • They can’t be sent as reinforcements or moved to the Catacombs.
  • Can’t be used with any other units

I expect the keepers of the Black Market to be busy for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy your new power my Lords and Ladies!

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