Skull Runes

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Skull Runes are used to enchane various units. In order to unlock different unit attributes and branches on the Rune Tree, players must progress through each group sequentially. Runes can not be bought at the Black Market, given as gifts, or traded.


Players receive Skull Runes with every new experience lelvel they reache in the game. The number of Skull Runes received graduates with each stage of level-up:

  • Levels 2 – 34/ 2 Runes
  • Levels 35 – 64/ 4 Runes
  • Levels 65 – 79/ 6 Runes
  • Levels 80 + / 8 Runes

Using Runes

The Obelisk of Power gives access the Rune Tree, on the tree plyers will see all their game [[Units|units divided into groups. Initially a player must unlock Group I using two runes. With application each rune takes time, which increases with each additional rune applied to that unit.

Redistributing Skull Runes

Recovery of Skull Runes for redistribution is done in "edit" mode inside the Obelisk of Power. Once recovered they may then be redistributed to any previously up-graded unit or to unlock further groups sequentially. There is initially one free edit only, once "applied" the change is permanent.

Saphires Required Futher edits are possible using saphires, each additional change costs more saphires.