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STRATCOM R&D is pleased to unveil the results of years of ethically ambiguous genetic experimentation – Serum!

Serums are specially modified genetic retroviruses which allow you to splice in tailored performance-enhancing boosts to the Offensive and Defensive statistics of all of your Units. These will work in tandem with all other upgrades, special artifacts, and other force multipliers currently active on your Units.

Fusing Serums

You can upgrade the potency of your Serums by fusing together any two Serums of the same level and type in order to get one new Serum of a higher level. By repeating this process, you can upgrade Serums up to a maximum Level of 12. The higher the level of the Serum, the better bonus it will grant to your forces once activated.

Acquiring Serums

Genetic Laboratory in Total Domination

During initial human trials Serum will only be available by purchasing Cryonic Containers at the Black Market. Once the Serum has been proven to have an acceptable survival rate, Cryonic Containers will also be introduced for free by:

  • Participating in "Operation Destruction";
  • Completing quests;
  • Participating in Global Operation;
  • Attacking or defending Infestations.

All Cryonic Containers acquired will be sent to your Cold Storage facility in the Genetics Lab, where you can open them and extract the Serum.

To use and store Serum, you must first build the Genetics Lab. All Serum gained in the game is stored in the Cold Storage facility at your Genetics Lab. To view a Serum’s attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To apply any Serum and benefit from its bonuses, simply place it into any open Activation Slot on the Activation Board. Serums are permanent bonuses, and won’t disappear from slots unless you decide to remove them.

Once applied, you can only safely remove Serums and move them back into Cold Storage with the help of a special tool – the Auto-Injector.

View the newest entries on Serum and the Genetics Lab in your help file for more information how YOU can start using restricted human genetic modification for fun and profit.

Build the Genetic Laboratory and get your Serum at the Black Market today!

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