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Welcome Commander. Pull up a chair. Let us discuss this little game we like to call Search & Destroy.


The information contained on this page is a composite of both officially released information and information gleaned from hundreds of battle results on all Plarium games. Understand that Plarium will not release the full algorithm. Nor are we likely to figure out the algorithm 100%. Part of the fun of playing these is simply that we don't know all the details. That said, Search and Destroy is not a game requirement. You do not have to play them and you can easily lose your entire army even if you think you've done everything right. They are not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be quite substantial if you keep at it.

The Short Version

If you don't get a reward after winning a Site, your chances of winning on the next one is increased. In other words if you keep attacking Sites, you will eventually see a reward.


Search and Destroy is 90% investment and 10% gamble. If you follow the strategies on this page, you have a solid chance of seeing a return on your investment but it should be noted that there are no guarantees. Proceed at your own risk.

The investment currency is the value of your troop losses. Every troop of yours that dies attacking a Site is translated into a value and added to your loss pool. As best we can tell your base possible reward value is equal to your loss pool. When you win you get troops and/or resources equal to your loss pool with a couple of caveats.

  • First caveat is that each level is capped on how much it can pay out and what kinds of troops it will give.
  • Second caveat is that Task Sites do not pay out full loss value
    • What doesn't get paid out seems to stay in the loss pool for the next payout.
    • We think this has something to do with the Drill Instructors you win for the Task Sites.

What NOT to do. Don't keep whacking away at the low level Sites. It will take progressively more Sites between payouts AND your payouts can include worthless tier 1 units which is not what you want. Don't hit high and then progressively hit lower. You are just asking to lose value due to level caps.

When does payout occur? The theory is that there is a chance for payout on every Site you win. The chance scales based on A. the level of the Site in relation to your Task Site and B. your current loss pool. i.e. don't expect a payout if your Task is level 50, you just got a payout and you hit a level 20. If however you have hit two Sites close to your Task Site in level, then you are likely to hit a payout on the next Site you hit regardless of what level it is (so don't hit a low one). Mind you, that's just a theory based on what we've seen, we could be off some.


Strategy One: Stick to Tasks

Do only the Tasks on one side. This is how many power players do it. They hit each Task in sequence sticking to either offense or defense. This is a guaranteed payout each time. The payout never amounts to much and you can actually lose troop strength during the run. However you will be able to progress fairly quickly doing this and you will rack up massive experience and scrolls quick. Then when you reach the end you hit the other side for massive payout (On the scale of 20k Armor Units). This is a simple method and especially useful if you are buying Diamonds to heal your dead units between Sites.

Strategy Two: Switching Sides

This involves attacking Task Sites on one side till you see a reward. You then hit the highest non-task Site on the other side in an attempt to get a bigger reward. If it succeeds you follow the same pattern by hitting Task Sites on the side you just got paid on before switching back again. If you fail to receive a payout as expected, then you go back and hit another Task Site followed by another non-Task Site. So far there have been no reports of a second payout attempt failing to payout.

Strategy Three: Counting Beans

Taking things a step further, you can via multiple methods calculate your reward value and your current loss pool. You then aim to generate a loss pool that equals your last reward pool + interest and plan so that when you reach the target number you win a designated payout Site. These methods have seen significant success. Unfortunately they are far more complicated than the first two strategies and usually involve the use of spreadsheet calculators which we can not host on this wiki. However, if you ask fellow players you meet on the forums, they will likely be able to point you in the right direction as the methods are quite popular.

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