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This page is for verified facts about S&D, not theory. For theory please see Search and Destroy Theorycrafting.

Very early on, you will start to see ZHG quests that require you to eliminate a ZHG search and destroy sites. It is highly recommended that you clear them as your risk is low and your return is high. You can easily amass a significant amount of troops doing these early S&D missions and clearing all sites on Day One. The primary thing you have to watch for is that your ration production doesn't flatline at zero. Once ration production bottoms out, you will not be able to build new men and equipment. Either build or upgrade landing zones until your production is positive. Alternatively you can either kill off troops on targets known to be defended or simply let the game kill them off for you.

After day one, you need to be mindful the effects your actions will have on your S&D board (the available ZHG sites). Your current ZHG quest determines the highest level ZHG site you have available. You will have at most two of this level (the offense and defense quest sites) and every other ZHG site available to you will be at lower levels. After defeating a quest site, you will receive another quest for a site that is one level higher than your previous quest. You will also receive a new site at the new level of the same type as what you just took out. Thus, if you take out a level 24 defense quest site, you will receive a new level 25 defense site. If you then clear out an offensive site, you will receive a level 25 offensive site as the game attempts to ensure that you always have one of each type (offense and defense) at the quest level. If you clear non-quest sites, you will receive a new site of a similar type at a random level that is at least one level lower than the current quest site.

You only receive a certain number of sites each day. If you have cleared that many sites in the day, you will not receive any new sites until Reset. The Radar holds a maximum of 112 (+/-) sites at a time.

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