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Unit Tables

Base Values

Scouts are used for Spying missions. They have no offense capabilities and cannot be sent on offense missions without other units. They have no carry capacity and cannot seize resources from enemy cities. In a spying mission, the defending scouts take no losses. However, the scout is the only non-champion unit capable of gathering spy reports and are thus critical units.

Name Type Spying Light Infantry Defense Heavy Infantry Defense Phalanx Defense Cavalry Defense Carrying Capacity Grain Consumption Speed Production Time
Scout Cavalry 30 40 24 22 30 0 4 30.5 25
Equite Cavalry 43 60 36 33 43 0 0.12 59.5 30
Venator Cavalry 30 40 24 24 30 0 0.12 29.8 60

Resource and Offense Comparisons

Scouts are without a doubt expensive units. They have poor defense stats for their cost and should not be used for defense. It can be very expensive to scout targets that have large scout defenses. It may be more economical to send small skirmish raids or sieges instead of a scouting party. It is of course up to the individual Archon as to how they will employ their Scouts. Expect more advanced scout units to be released in the future.Equite and Venators need Denarii to be built because are Roman units.

Name Class Timber Bronze Grain Total Resources Diamond Cost Spying per Diamond Spying by Resource Spying by Production Spying by Consumption
Scout Standard 450 450 600 1500 24 1.25 0.02 1.2 7.5

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