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The Sanctum of Asclepius allows you to store, use, and upgrade Elixirs. Elixirs are special items that provide a permanent bonus for some aspect of the game while the Elixir is in use. You gain Elixirs from Mystery Chests. You win Mystery Chests for various actions in the game most commonly from Divine Quests and Combat. You may also purchase Mystery Chests from the Market under the Misc. Tab.

 Sanctum of Asclepius

Mystery Chests

You acquire random Elixirs from Mystery Chests. There are six known types of Mystery Chests. Chests vary based on the amount of Elixirs you acquire from them as well as what level those Elixirs will be.

Chest Level Number of Elixirs Elixir Level Where Found

Using Elixirs

Mixing Elixirs

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