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The Sanctum of Asclepius allows you to store, use, and upgrade Elixirs. Elixirs are special items that provide a permanent bonus for some aspect of the game while the Elixir is in use. These items are permanent and when fully upgraded can provide substantial bonuses to your forces.

 Sanctum of Asclepius

Mystery Chests

You acquire random Elixirs from Mystery Chests. There are six known types of Mystery Chests. Chests vary based on the amount of Elixirs you acquire from them as well as what level those Elixirs will be.

Chest Level Number of Elixirs Elixir Level Where Found
1 1 1 Random drops from minor Combat wins and a reward for some Divine Quests
2 2 1 Purchase for 300 Drachmas via the Market
3 2 2 Purchase for 600 Drachmas via the Market
4 2 3 Purchase for 1200 Drachmas via the Market
5 2 2-4 Purchase for 1500 Drachmas via the Market
6 2 3-5 Purchase for 3300 Drachmas via the Market

Using Elixirs

To use an Elixir, you must simply select on the Cache Tab of the Sanctum and place it in a free slot. Initially you will have one slot open. You may unlock the remaining two slots by applying a special item purchased from the Misc. Tab of the Market. You may freely remove Elixirs of level 1-4 but Elixirs of higher levels require the use of a Caduceus to remove it safely. You may still remove the Elixir without the Caduceus, but you will lose the removed Elixir in the process. There are two levels of Caduceus, on that works on levels 5-8 and one that works on levels 5-12.

Sanctum of Asclepius Cache Tab

Mixing Elixirs

You may upgrade your elixirs by combining two of the exact same type and level to get a single Elixir of one higher level. You will do this on the Amphora Chamber Tab of the Sanctum. Doing so simply requires selecting an Elixir which you have more than one of. This process results in an Elixir whose strength is about double the original Elixirs. Thus if your Elixir had +.05% Offense to Phalanx, then new level 2 Elixir will most likely have +1%. You may combine Elixirs up to level 12, which is the maximum. The following table will give you a more immediate appreciation of just how many Elixirs are required to achieve level 12.

Level Number of Level 1 Elixirs Required
1 1
2 2
3 4
4 8
5 16
6 32
7 64
8 128
9 256
10 512
11 1024
12 2048

Further understand that you are not guaranteed to get a particular type of Elixir and that there is a good variety of types. Needless to say, if you are attempting to create a level 12 Elixir without Purchasing level 6 Mystery Chests, you could be at it for quite some time. Further, even if you purchase the Mystery Chests, there is no guarantee that you will get what you need.

Sanctum of Asclepius Amphora Chamber Tab

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