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"Saga Quest"

Attack and defend regular Battlegrounds to unlock new optional Saga Quests and get exclusive rewards. There are a total of 24 Quests available. By completing these Quests you will have the capability to:

   * Receive rare Eldritch Units for your army. These advanced Units have increased speed and effectiveness, coupled with reduced Food consumption in comparison to the regular variants.
   * Gain access to exclusive new storyline content.
   * Earn Experience points.
   * Acquire the Legendary Units

How To Play?

Upon successfully completing their first Level 5 Battleground, all players will gain access to the first Saga Quest in the new "Quests" tab, on the Eagle's Nest interface. Each Saga Quest will require engaging in a special Battleground. These are highlighted in YELLOW under the "Battlegrounds" tab of your Eagle's Nest.

Each Mission can be played twice - Once with Offensive, once with Defensive forces. Unlock additional Saga Quests by attacking or defending increasingly higher levels of Battlegrounds. Once completed, you will find your previous Quests by scrolling all the way to the right side on the Eagle's Nest interface.

Unlocking New Saga Quests

To unlock further Saga Quests you must first complete the indicated Battlegrounds, located on the Eagle's Nest Interface. Go to your Eagle's Nest and select the "Quests" tab to see how to unlock further Quests.

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