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Divine Quests

Divine Quests are special daily tasks given to you by Selene, Pythia of Delphi. They offer guaranteed rewards if accepted. Participation is optional and requires no battles, nor does it require using any units or Resources!

Selene will notify you of new Divine Quests 3 times a day and each time you will receive up to 8 new tasks! However, the Divine Quests will expire if not accepted within 8 hours and you will lose your chance for any rewards.

To fulfill the Divine Quests, click the "Divine Quests" icon, choose the Divine Quest which you want to fulfill and click "Start".

After the designated period of time, the Divine Quest will automatically be fulfilled. Upon completion, click the "Claim Reward" icon to collect your reward!

You may also use Drachmas to reduce the completion time of a Divine Quest by clicking the "Boost" button.

There are 3 categories of Divine Quests:

  1. Individual – Every Archon can fulfill these Divine Quests.
  2. Coalition – Only Coalition members are permitted to fulfill these Divine Quests.
  3. Dominion - Activate your Dominion Status to fulfill Dominion Divine Quests.

Within each Divine Quest category, each daily task will fall into one of 5 classifications – Divine Quest Classes I through V.

Each Class differs in completion time and rarity. The higher the level of a task, the larger the reward you will receive for its completion!

Prepare to fulfill the Divine Quests of Ancient Greece!

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