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Thulium is a special resource which allows you to hire a special type of Unit - the Syndicate Tactical Assault Group. When you have enough Thulium, you are able to hire "Viper" CQB Assault Troopers, "Rhino" TAG Defense Troopers, "Vector" Heavy Infantry Troopers, and "Cheetah" R-TAG Assault Troopers.

To receive Thulium, you must first go to the Stock Exchange to trade Fuel and Munitions.

Go to the Stock Exchange to begin exchanging Resources for Thulium. The amount of resources you choose is completely up to you. Exchange both 500 Fuel and 500 Munitions, and in just 1 hour you will be given 500 Thulium. The exchange ratio is always the same; however, selecting shorter periods of time will increase the speed at which your trades are returned and you are rewarded with Thulium. Simply choose the desired amount of Thulium and click the "Purchase" button.

To obtain more Thulium, Commanders may capture and hold a Thulium Depot.

You may also choose to spend Diamonds to instantly exchange Resources for Thulium. Simply choose the desired amount of Thulium you wish to get and click the "Purchase" button. For instantaneous exchange, you will need Diamonds as well as both Munitions and Fuel.

Once you've negotiated the required Contracts and amassed enough Thulium, you will be able to hire "Viper" CQB Assault Troopers, "Rhino" TAG Defense Troopers, "Vector" Heavy Infantry Troopers, and the "Cheetah" R-TAG Assault Troopers. These Units can be hired via the Units menu.

The amount of Thulium you can hold is limited by your Storage Depot capacity. Upgrade your Storage Depots to store more Thulium.

Occupying a Thulium Deposit allows a player to harvest Thulium directly, which can be used to build Thulium units. Players can harvest after a minimum of 1 hour has passed from the either the time of occupation or the last collection.

Collection notifications will show up in the player's Reports under the Convoys tab.

Location Name Max Resources Harvest Rate
Thulium Deposit - Level 1 Thulium Deposit - Level 1 50,400 300 Thulium/hr
Thulium Deposit - Level 2 Thulium Deposit - Level 2 75,600 450 Thulium/hr
Thulium Deposit - Level 3 Thulium Deposit - Level 3 126,000 900 Thulium/hr

Building the Stock Exchange allows you to exchange Fuel and Munitions for a special Resource — Thulium, which is required to hire the Syndicate Tactical Assault Group to strengthen your forces. From here you can:

  • Exchange Munitions and Fuel to get Thulium;
  • Instantly exchange Fuel and Munitions to produce Thulium by using Diamonds;
  • View your current Thulium storage.

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