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Mission Details

Mohammad Al Tarem Clone

Mission Level

Project Torchlight is Project Torchlight Mission Level 22

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Loose Ends and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 115

Mission Text

Great, you're back! Well, where do I start? Project Torchlight. It's about 80% old aborted DARPA research into human augmentation – about a dozen programs in one, really. Improved mitochondrial performance, accelerated blood coagulation, memory implantation, enhanced cognitive processing, and hyper-metabolic cloning. The US went as far as they could go without messy human trials - we just kinda picked up where they left off.

Oh, check the monitor – that guy look familiar? Pretty cool, huh? We used Mohammad Al Tarem's DNA as a template and set a new record – cotton swab to Gerber baby in 1 week! "Junior" here is stronger, tougher, and capable of being imprinted with whatever skill set or identity we choose. I stashed him in a ZHG field hospital before dropping my cover – as our friend here represents a substantial investment, I'll need you to go retrieve him for me so we can imprint him. Oh, and Commander - no survivors, please.

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

Mr. Black: Glad to have him back – we've got big plans for the big guy here once he's finished imprinting. Right now he's a little, well... drooly. I gotta say, I'm getting the feeling that you're a team player, Commander. With your help, Torchlight can place operatives in every border conflict and resource scramble on the globe - and guess who they'll answer to? Hell, can you imagine the bidding war once we put them on the market? Commander, you could be a big part of this. Like I told you from the beginning, there's always room in this organization for performers.

Echo: Commander, you don't have to do this. Go to the board; go to Phillip Quinn, anyone - before it's too late. You've been manipulated – you're a soldier, you're not a murderer... [CENSORED]!

Echo: What did you do to me?

Mr. Black: Easy, just taking a little DNA sample... you know, this would have been easier if you'd cooperated.

Echo: No... you [CENSORED]!

Assault Mission Rewards

Unverified at this time

Defense Mission Rewards

Unverified at this time


Playing God

Previous Mission

Loose Ends