SI Syndicate Project Torchlight Playing God

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Mission Details

John Black & Echo Clone

Mission Level

Playing God is Project Torchlight Mission Level 23

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Project Torchlight and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 120

Mission Text

It's a shame Echo didn't see things our way, I hate to split up a team... but the good news is she made one hell of a template for the Mark II Series, and with the new imprinting protocols we perfected on Al Tarem and her bold new hairstyle, I'm not even 100% sure I could tell them apart. Still, we can't have two Echos running around, and I'd never use a weapon that hasn't been tested under battlefield conditions. So – time for a little field test!

You know her pretty well by now - let's see if you can spot the difference. I'm setting them both up in a safehouse in ZHG territory. If you save her, we'll see if we work something out – but remember: only one can come back alive. This should be interesting.

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

Well done, I guess we still have some tweaking to do. I have to ask, how could you tell? It was the eye pigmentation, right? Yeah, we're still having problems with that – wait... you didn't know, did you? So you just – guessed? Ballsy. Well, we're still running the DNA match - tell you what, if you pass one last test, maybe I'll throw in the results for free. We'll call it a package deal. Man, you're even colder than I thought.

Assault Mission Rewards

Unverified at this time

Defense Mission Rewards

Unverified at this time


Unfortunate Casualties

Previous Mission

Project Torchlight