SI Syndicate Project Torchlight Old Friends

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Mission Details


Mission Level

Old Friends is Project Torchlight Mission Level 18

Mission Location

ZHG Facility

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Ghosts and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 95.

Mission Text

Commander, change of plans. I've been ordered to relocate to Zandia to investigate the Quinn case. We've identified a ZHG site for my team to set up operations – uploading coordinates now. Clear them out and I'll see you in-country. It's about time I finally met you in person, Commander.

ZHG Presence

  • Assault: 307,980 DP
  • Defense: 307,980 OP

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

Echo: It's not exactly the Hilton, but it'll work. RSL's setup a command HQ, the rest of the team should be arriving in... Commander, we're under attack! They're in the HQ, send...

Mr. Black: Hey big guy, I told you I'd see you around.

Assault Mission Rewards

5x V195 "Samson" MBT Strategic Unit

100x Syndicate Za'am MK VI

75x Syndicate AH-72 Thunderhead

Defense Mission Rewards

9x TSV "Typhoon" Strategic Unit

200x Syndicate M22043 Creighton

230x Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake



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