SI Syndicate Project Torchlight Loose Cannon

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Mission Details

Zoran Todorovic

Mission Level

Loose Cannon is Project Torchlight Mission Level 4

Mission Location

Safe House

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Early Retirement and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 25

Mission Text

I hope you've rested up, we've got another job for you. An Ultra-nationalist former Serbian infantry commander and indicted Bosian war criminal, Zoran Todorović, is attempting to buy ZHG incendiary munitions for use against civilian populations in the Balkans. We do not need those kinds of headlines.

ZHG Presence

  • Assault: 14,460 DP
  • Defense: 14,440 OP

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

Post-op intel is in - that was a confirmed kill! Excellent work. If the public believes we can't keep the Zandian conflict contained, they may start using words like "intervention." Some of these people vote at shareholder meetings, and that could result in unacceptable complications for our clients. You'll be getting full credit for this one in my report. Keep it up, and leave this channel open. Echo out.

Assault Mission Rewards

15x Syndicate Za'am MK VI

5x Syndicate AH-72 Thunderhead

Defense Mission Rewards

33x Syndicate M22043 Creighton

15x Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake


The Good Samaritan

Previous Mission

Early Retirement