SI Syndicate Project Torchlight Emilio Tessinger

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Mission Details

Emilio Tessinger

Mission Level

Emilio Tessenger is Project Torchlight Mission Level 2

Mission Location

Mobile Laboratory

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Coloniel Waiguru and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 15

Mission Text

Our associates at Jericho Inc. and RSL have requested our assistance in eliminating a Dr. Emilio Tessinger - believed to be the fugitive Nazi war criminal SS-Obersturmführer Otto von Krieger. A leading proponent of applied eugenics, Krieger is reportedly using the current conflict to continue his experiments on Zandian civilians with financial support from ZHG. His mobile lab and large ZHG security detail were last spotted in your theater of operations. Deploy as soon as your team is ready.

ZHG Presence

  • Assault: 3,240 DP
  • Defense: 3,240 OP

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

You just ended a 53-year manhunt, Commander. Krieger has had this coming for a very, very long time. Our clients are pleased you got him before natural causes did, but the news that ZHG is investigating in human genetic manipulation is disturbing... this isn't their style. I'll need to follow up on this. Monitor this frequency; we'll contact you when you're ready for your next mission. Echo out.

Assault Mission Rewards

5x Syndicate Assault Infantry

3x Syndicate Za'am MK VI

1x Syndicate AH-72 Thunderhead

Defense Mission Rewards

12x Syndicate Mortar Infantry

6x Syndicate M22043 Creighton

2x Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake


Early Retirement

Previous Mission

Coloniel Waiguru