SI Syndicate Project Torchlight Dangerous Liasons

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Mission Details

Intel on Sharpe & Meyers

Mission Level

Dangerous Liaisons is Project Torchlight Mission Level 16

Mission Location

Sharpe & Meyers Factory

Mission Requirements

A Commander must first have completed the previous mission, Plausible Deniability and have reached and completed the task for Search & Destroy Mission Level 85

Mission Text

Commander, Agent Black has sent in new intel. Key management within Sharpe & Meyers have been working with ZHG for months now. Not surprising – a lot of execs didn't get their bonuses when the price-fixing talks with ZHG fell through last year. We've notified Sharpe & Meyers leadership, they're requesting that you handle this. The suspects have a meeting with their ZHG handlers coming up – take out all ZHG forces and bring the targets in alive for interrogation.

ZHG Presence

  • Assault: 276,600 DP
  • Defense: 276,600 OP

Mission Completion

Mission Victory Text

We believe they weren't acting alone, but they're not talking – someone higher up has them very, very scared. Still, you managed to stop a corporate upset that could've cost our clients the whole country. If Sharpe & Meyers had switched sides and helped take Zandia, Australia and China would have had the minerals market cornered in a month.

Assault Mission Rewards

4x F-32 "Excallibur" Strategic Unit

100x Syndicate AH-72 Thunderhead

Defense Mission Rewards

8x RSL-150 "Harpy" Strategic Unit

300x Syndicate Mz-29 Firedrake



Previous Mission

Plausible Deniability