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Diamonds are a premium resource that can be spent to speed up certain game actions, purchase units and premium content and cut out most of the time-consuming processes from your game play.

You can use diamonds to:

  • Instantly complete building construction, unit build queues, contract negotiations, etc.
  • Purchase Contract Referrals, Resources and Units at the Black Market
  • Add special defensive improvements and structures to your Base

You can purchase Diamonds from the Bank window, or receive them for free by completing game actions, playing five days in a row or placing in the top weekly rankings.

Acquiring Diamonds

Diamonds can be purchased, acquired for completing missions and achievements, controlling a Diamond Mine, playing consecutive days or even earned through TrialPlay.

Diamonds via purchase

By clicking the Bank button, users can purchase diamonds in various amounts, including bonus offers made available throughout the year. Diamonds can be purchased via:

  • PayPal account
  • Credit Card
  • Mobile Phone
  • Facebook Gift Cards

Note: Players are unable to purchase discounted game currency Special Offers via Facebook Gift Cards

Diamonds for completing missions

After completing missions, all Diamonds received for the reward and achievements are added to your account automatically. If you’ve completed the requirements from a ‘Build Units’ bonus task, the Diamonds will be added immediately when the indicated number of Units (100, 1000, etc) have finished construction – even if you are not currently playing or logged out. When you log back into the game, you’ll get a ‘Task Complete/Achievement Complete’ message and the Diamonds will have been added to your Bank balance.

Diamonds from seized Diamond Mines

Diamond mines can be occupied, controlled and exploited to bring in a steady income of diamonds. You can search for Diamond Mine Depots from the Radar building on your base, under the Depots tab. Filter your results to show Diamond Mines for best results.

Diamonds for playing every 5 days

Just by playing Soldiers Inc, you receive Diamonds for your continued war efforts. Each day you log in, you will receive an update as to how many days remain until your next reward.


With TrialPay you can earn Diamonds for free by completing advertiser offers. For example, an advertiser might offer 200 Diamonds in exchange for sending flowers to a loved one. Just buy the flowers by clicking on the link provided on our offer wall, and we'll automatically reward you with Diamonds.


Exchanging Diamonds between other Players

Players may not trade, exchange or gift Diamonds to other Players. Diamonds can never be seized by an enemy during a raid or annexed during occupation.


If, after checking your purchases, you are absolutely certain there has been an error and the Diamonds have failed to add to your balance, please contact our Support Team.