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Growth and Direction: Maintaining the Combine

As you expand and grow your combine, you run into limitations in the way of maximum members, command structure and finding active players. As players come and go, you will need to constantly groom candidates for bigger roles and recruits for performance. But once you reach the capacity of your combine, you will need to expand to the next level.

Expanding the combine

At first, you are granted 10 member slots. Once you fill these 10 slots, new applicants cannot be added, although you can still send invites out. To expand the combine you must visit the Joint Ops Center, click on the ‘My Combine’ tab and then the ‘Expand’ button in the upper left corner of the window. Each level becomes increasingly more expensive, requiring the CEO to advance the storage capacity of their base and the combine logistics operations to pull resources from members together.

The combine expansion chart is as follows:

Combine Level

Cost (Each Resource)

Member Limit

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



Rank Structure and the Chain of Command: Order and Respect

Rank structure goes back to the 1700’s, giving order and structure to any military and defines roles, respect and a chain of command. The chain of command is crucial because it gives members a way to perform their duties and relay orders effectively. Without a chain of command, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring order to the group, and confusion will set in as orders may come from different generals. Sometimes these can contradict and frustrate members, who become unsure of which commands to carry out, leading to failure and unsatisfactory operations.

Internal Ranks

Soldiers Inc gives you several ranks in which to run the combine:

  • CEO
  • Executive Officer
  • Brigadier General
  • Tier 3 Specialist
  • Tier 2 Specialist
  • Tier 1 Specialist
  • Soldier
  • Recruit

Brigadier Generals

Brigadier Generals and up carry the most responsibility for the combine and have the ability to recruit, change member ranks and use Syndicate Cash rewards from Mining Complexes (by default). Executive Officers typically run the critical operations and have the ability to appoint Brigadier Generals to assist with their tasks. The CEO is usually responsible for leading, public relations, watching over the combine and appointing Executive Officers within the combine.

Tier Specialists

Tier Specialists are the game’s mid-ranks that can be used for promoting soldiers above others, can offer reward or recognition for duty and provide a path for command candidates to escalate through on their way to running a part of the combine. Other uses are for tactical operations, demoting command ranks or a variety of ways to distinguish a player within the associate list.


Soldiers will most often make up the bulk of your combine associates. Soldiers are responsible for carrying out orders, dealing with logistics, scouting targets, defending mining complexes and other combine assets, etc. Soldiers are just as important as command ranks, without soldiers, the body and soul of the combine will have no momentum and nobody to participate in coordinated operations.


Recruits are new applicants or invitees who join your combine. By default, anyone who you invite or accept will start off as a recruit. Recruits should be carefully screened for participation, progression of growth, and a desire to contribute to the team. The recruit rank can be used as a buffer for soldiers who are underperforming or as a disciplinary measure. Recruits should prove their worth before being promoted to the soldier rank in a timely manner. A good rule of thumb is that a recruit needs to meet certain expectations within 2 weeks, when they are re-evaluated by an appointed Executive Officer, the CEO or another appointed command member, or they are removed from the combine.

To remove a member from the combine, you will need to visit your Joint Ops Center, and then click on the ‘My Combine’ tab. Scroll through the Associates section until you find the member (or search for them with the search tool). Click the trash can icon to remove the member from the combine, or click the Mail Icon to send them a message first. When removing members, it is considered courteous to message them prior to removing them, so they have an idea why they were removed. When possible, it is always best to not burn bridges when removing members, because if they are removed unfairly they could become enemies in the future!